Real-time content is getting to be popular as technology progresses

We are currently entering the 4th Industrial Revolution with our society’s continuous development of ICT (Information & Communication Technology). The 4th Industrial Revolution refers to the advancement of the previous Industrial Revolution, which was primarily represented by the Internet and computers. Our current technological era within the ICT realm involves fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Big Data to merge with newer technologies in other fields such as existing industries, biotechnology, and robotics.


Content, such as Real-Time Content, is receiving positive attention as a result of this connectivity,. Real-time content refers to the content created through Real Time Engine. This includes Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality which is made by combining the strengths of both VR and AR. VR is a field of technology that relies primarily on virtual images; it not only allows us to experience places we have never been to, but it also allows us to experience the unknown world such as outer space and the depths of the ocean. It is utilized in various fields such as gaming, medical care, and education; the industry is rapidly changing due to technology’s overall development. AR refers to a hybrid VR system that combines a virtual three-dimensional image with a scene from real life. A prime example is the recent popular mobile game called “Pokemon Go.” Additionally, there is a mixed reality technology called MR that combines the strengths of both VR and AR. It is a technology that adds a sense of reality by breaking down the boundaries of reality and virtual reality because it creates virtual images on scenes from real life and shows real-time information.


A company based in South Korea called Real Road Company develops high-quality Real-Time content that follows the trend of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Through “Real Time Engine,” the company produces VR, AR, and MR contents to display its capabilities in various fields such as gaming, architecture, exhibitions, and automobiles. Instead of having to go to an apartment in-person, Real Road Company created and produced content that allow people to experience the inside of the house through a touch screen; the company also worked with a Korean automobile company to provide a virtual experience of unreleased models. They also produced an escape game by request from a gaming company. Hence, they are currently producing their own games. Real Road Company continued to work with companies in various fields to create a lot of content, and they are expanding their scope with remarkable achievements. For example, Real Road Company uses the Game Engine to create these content, producing deeper and more realistic effects.

It’s no question that advanced technology is making things more convenient for the rest of us. Wouldn’t it be our privilege to experience what we could not experience in the real world, even virtually? Real Road Company claims that their ultimate goal is to quickly create content that is convenient for their customers. We can expect that and more from them in the near future.

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