DATA M launches global carbon reduction project based on block chain

James Lee, CEO of DATA M Limited, which is a Hong Kong-based company that has patented technology for proving carbon reduction based on five block chains, is spurring global expansion. On June 7th, Philips Electric Car, an electric car company, signed a contract to install DATA M셲 carbon reduction certification device for electric motorcycles, electric bicycles and electric cabs produced in Southeast Asia and to establish a joint venture called Philips DATA M. Furthermore, on June 20th, GBAFINTECH, a holding company of GBCSMARTCITY, which is in charge of the Smartcity development project in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, signed a contract with the Vietnam government to collaboratively implement a project to build an eco-friendly electric car and public transport system.


EYENCE Holdings, which is pursuing a block chain-based electronic money and carbon trading business in more than 15 countries around the world, and POWETEK ENERGY, a renewable energy financial services and consulting firm based in Singapore, concluded strategic agreements for the joint promotion of their businesses. James Lee of DATA M has said, 쏻e will work together with our partner companies today to secure a cash flow of more than $100 million through carbon credits block chain technology and carbon finance. He also stated, 쏧n early July, we will be approving the Laos government셲 suggestion of an environmentally-friendly public transportation system which was submitted in April, and we will be transferring public transit vehicles to all parts of Southeast Asia, including Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. This will further develop the carbon emissions trading business.


DATA M strives to solve environmental pollution problems caused by carbon emissions through carbon reduction measurement technology. By paying Daytime Cryptography according to the amount of carbon reduction, more than 1.3 billion drivers worldwide can easily participate in carbon reduction.

During the 21st UN Climate Change Convention, the International Transport Forum stated that they believe the key measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will be the expansion of the role of public transportation and the supply of environmentally friendly cars including electric cars and hydrogen cars.

Ralph Seo
K-Herald Korea
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)