“Lovoom” is perfect for owners and pets


According to the American Pet Product Association’s National Pet Owners Survey, 68.6% of US households, which comes to an estimated 84.6 million, have pets. Pets reduce stress and give people happiness. Several studies have reported that interaction with pets contributes to mental health. Through small activities such as pet care, effects that are beneficial to mental health are induced, such as an improved sense of achievement or self-esteem, reduced levels of stress, less depressive moods, decreased anxiety, and an increased adaptability to changes in the body. Pets have become friends, not just a concept of housekeeping. However, many people are not able to raise pets because of their busy lives. Pets can also become subject to stress if left alone at home. Even they need human interaction and care

To solve this pressing issue, HODU of Korea developed a product called “Lovoom.” “Lovoom” is a combination of “Love” and “Boom,” to represent the idea of love coming out.

HODU is also the name of the dog owned by representative Hong Young Jun. Hong Young Jun, who loves pets, has a motive for developing “Lovoom.” There were two friends who ran Harley Davidson together – James and automobile designer Kim Tae Wan. James, who had been depressed at the time, recommended raising dogs to his colleagues. Hong Young Jun created “Lovoom” with Kim Tae Wan to help those like James but also feel hesitant about committing to raising an animal.


Lovoom is a pet camera that operates through smartphones and remote controls. Lovoom also acts as a companion to these animals. Many pet-cams simply watch over the pet and occasionally feed it, but the pet can quickly lose interest in those functions. Lovoom can rotate up to 270 degrees and throw feed to amuse the pets. Throwing distance or direction is adjustable, and the device may throw feed in the direction of movement, so that pets can notice the thrown food. The device also makes sure to throw one treat at a time to prevent creating a mess.

Therefore, HODU is a pet specialist company that will help pet owners and pets by keeping both parties happy.

▲  Hodu Co.,Ltd.
▲  Brand Name : Lovoom
▲   CEO : Young Jun Hong
▲   https://www.lovoom.net/
▲   E-mail : support@lovoom.net
▲   T : +82-1833-4231

Dean Lee
K-Herald Korea
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)