Ceramic technology used for household accessories

Cutter Korea has been focusing on carbide and ceramic precision machining and cutter production since 1995, and has been expanding into the world market as well as the domestic market. The company has established the brand, Ceramic Life, which is a subsidiary company of ceramic beauty kitchen products. Ceramic Life manufactures and sells cosmetic products with cutting edge ceramic technology, such as ceramic knives and scissors, men’s and women’s shavers, straight razors, eyebrow trimmer and face roller.

The versatile ceramic knife and scissors were made by a solid zirconia ceramic material, which is stronger than diamonds overcoming the fragility of the ceramic by microstructure adjustment. It is made of eco-friendly products and can maintain a long-lasting, sophisticated blade without raising the blade. Ceramics are classified as ceramics and can be used safely without germs and rust. It keeps the flavor and aroma of the food as it is produced by the generation of negative ions, does not transfer the smell and fragrance, has a viral transmission preventing effect, has a strong heat resistance, and is not rusted due to lack of magnetic property.

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It is easy to use because it does not destroy the vitamins and prevents the oxidation of fruit or vegetable cross section and is also light in weight. It does not smell or leave any residue after cutting foods like kimchi, garlic, or onions. Kevlar fiber can be cut with 50 times better cutting power. It is light and has good cutting power, making it suitable for costume design, medical industry and textile industry.

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In addition, it cuts the cut surface of the film finely and produces a variety of products, such as long-life film cutting cutter, bevel cutter, optical fiber cutter, and shaver that can be soft and lightly depilated. Cutter Korea’s CEO Seung-Bok Park said, “We will continue to be one step ahead of the changing world by providing products at the most reasonable prices with the best quality. We ask for our customers and consumers continued encouragement and interest.”

▲  Cutter Korea Co., Ltd.
▲  Brand Name: Ceramic Life / C.razor
▲   CEO: Seung-Bok Park
▲   www.ceramiclife.com
▲   E-mail: ceramiclife@daum.net
▲   T: +82-32-817-6487

Julie Kim
K-Herald Korea
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