The new ‘beauty’ culture of hair salons


Curly luxuriant long hair or straight parted tidy hair. There were times that only this kind of ‘right’ hairstyle are socially allowed. It was never imaginable to change color or express personal style through hair just few decades ago. However, hair styling is no longer something unapproved. If you start walking on a street in New York where having high reputation for fashion and trend, you might take a few seconds to find people with various hair styles including length, color and curliness. Whatever the purpose is such as to imitate a celebrity simply be stand out, more people are paying hair salon for better styling. Furthermore, hair styling is becoming a mandatory part in our life because of the belief that hair may affect facial impression.

The demand is increasing and consumers want more variety. Therefore, the role of hair salon is becoming more important. Hairdresser must be able to communicate well with customer to understand what customer really wants and to find the perfect styling methods that minimizes the hair damage.


That is why consumers are willing to fly to overseas countries for hair salon and this explains why global ‘Beauty Tourism’ is becoming popular. These days, consumers travel abroad to consume high-quality cosmetics, highly-skilled nail art and hair styling. South Korea is rising to one of the popular destination for beauty tourism. Although, South Korea is famous more for sophisticated plastic surgery skills and diverse types of skin care products, Korean hair styling is also attracting a number of foreign consumers. That is, consumers began to pay attention to ‘K-Beauty (Korean Beauty)’ instead of former Asian beauty leader, Japan.

Nouvelle Vague, a Korean hair salon, is one of the best hair salons that customers constantly visit. As a member of Vidal Sasson, the top London hairdressing company, for three years, it has successfully trained advanced hairdressing skills to hair designers. In addition, Nouvelle Vague has developed high-quality service for its customers. For example, hair designers put on Halloween costumes to give pleasure to visiting customers on last Halloween. Based on excellent skills and services, Nouvelle Vague aims to become the best Korean hair salon representing K-beauty attracting not only domestic customers but also overseas visitors.

Hair salon is not just a place for haircut anymore, but it is a place for cultural experience. Like a teenage girl coming to Seoul and do her hair imitating a favorite K-Pop celebrity, Hair salon will act as a leading place to experience culture including the local trend, skills and services.


Erika Jeon
K-Herald Korea
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)