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Federal law guarantees a patient’s right to maintain privacy of medical information. However, there are now new influencers of healthcare purchasing, such as health infomediaries. Have you ever thought to manage and coordinate healthcare services with assistance from health infomediaries?

Telemedicine, the remote provision and exchange of healthcare and healthcare information, is not a new concept. The South Korean government is planning on introducing a new medical information law that will grant patients easier access to their own medical history sometime this year and the KMA stated that doctors are also annoyed by patients who question them or their diagnosis because of medical information that they read online.

These people could be left out in the desert of no information and no knowledge. Much more interesting information and knowledge about our minds and behavior are in psychology.

Therefore, we get a narrow view of society on many issues because of our limited amount of information and knowledge. The ‘Doc’s Media’ program is designed to let people have an opportunity to obtain information on, and earn knowledge and wisdom from the books. Currently, healthcare organizations around the world are establishing platforms for information based on medicine.

It’s important to learn about health and take responsibility for living a healthy lifestyle. The key is to deliver greater relevancy and expertise in a format that is compelling, seamless and easy to use. Access to information is so important in the treatment of patients and the delivery of care. Good information is rare and costly as it takes knowledge, experience, and effort to refine it from a vast array of general information.

Sam Kim
Asia Journal
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)

Get full access to medical and healthcare information with Doc’s Media