Lumi Diet’s Light(LED) will become your light weight


Human beings and light have been together for a long time. Light was the most important instrumental element in human beings’ lives for many decades. Light revealed a dark and dark night in which nothing could be seen, and helped human beings to be able to cook a variety of foods using heat from it. This kind of light as an essential element of life for human beings has helped in a wider variety of places as well as the development of industries and technologies.

As such, light is now emerging as a basic well-being element from the essential instrumental elements of human being’s life. Among them, the rate of obesity which is rapidly growing is a well – being enemy for 21century’s modern people. People always refer to obesity as ‘heavy’ which is the term of opposite meaning of ‘light’ weight.  Modern people who prefer ‘Simple Life Style’ (minimal life) tend to prefer the standard weight of ‘light’.

The word,’ light’, can mean ‘bright’, and it also means ‘light’ weight. Similarly, the Lumi diet’s Lumi means ‘light’ in Latin. At the end of this curiosity of light, Double H explored something that could have a positive effect on our body, beyond the effects of visible light.


Lumi Diet is a LED wearable health care device that says, “We’ll be your light with our light.” Lumi Diet says,” We’ll be your light with our light which is an LED wearable healthcare device.”  And said Lee Kyung-han, CEO of Lumi Diet said, “we, Double H Company, wanted to make people realize that dieting is not a pain, but a process that makes people feel good and become confident themselves as their own efforts”.  According to those mind for motivation of Lumi diet, the special feature of Lumi Diet, which differentiates it from the diet product line, is that it keeps on maintaining the existing eating habits continuously. The Lumi Diet also stands out from other companies in its simple, light weight design. Furthermore, The most powerful advantage is the link between application and device. The data that is linked with the app system let user be able to measure the health condition by themselves, and how they manage their daily life style of diet and how to use the product after all.

Lumi Diet, who believes that healthy life can have a healthy mind and helps to live a positive life, will continue to be a light-companion to the healthy life of people all over the world with their own LED technology.

▲  Double H LTD.
▲  Brand Name: Lumi Diet
▲  CEO:  Kenny Kyunghan Lee
▲ E-mail:
▲ T: +82- 10-5280-6815, +82-31-606-6606

Cathy Lee
Asia Journal
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)