New technology that will make shopping easier for consumers


Recently, there are many IT technologies that recognize information about products. There are many cases where QR codes are used. However, there are cases in which the logistics and payment of the company are often helpful, but the general public is still not aware of the QR code, and it is inconvenient to scan the QR code by using the camera of the smartphone, Due to the inconvenience, it is hard to say that it has become popular worldwide yet.

There are various product advertisements in the large billboards of each city in the world, but you will often see a small QR code drawn next to it. Even if you are aware of the QR code, you should scan the QR code with the camera of your smartphone and it is hard to recognize, so I almost give up browsing the details of the product price or the store.

On the other hand, if you do not turn on the camera of your smartphone but you can see the product price and the selling site information just by tilting the smart phone with the big screen of the New York Times Square, it will be a breakthrough over.


In Moving Key Co., Ltd., we have created an application that embodies this technology and applied it to various places. This technology, called TiltCode, uses a gyro sensor already built into the smartphone to match the slope of a smartphone icon drawn next to an advertisement picture of a specific product, and automatically adjusts the tilt of the smartphone and allows you to view detailed information about the product.

The advantage of this technology is that it can be recognized only by tilting the smartphone without scanning a specific code with the camera of the smartphone. By applying VR and AR technology to the product details, it also allows you to visually check the feeling of using a specific product in the real world.

If you use TiltCode, you can even get discounts and coupons on your smartphone easily by tilting the phone to all customers who use smartphones by applying the discount of a product, and you can get great advertising effect from company standpoint.


In addition to this, if you use this TiltCode for TV home shopping, just by drawing a smartphone icon on the product being broadcast, if the viewer tilts the smartphone according to the tilt of the icon, visual screen using AR can be experienced and help to make a purchase.

TiltCode will be a marketing technique that can easily inform the public about the details of products to the public. Also, it uses technology for the public view and is expected that it will be able to use individual smartphones more practically.

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Mike Choi
Asia Journal
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)