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In 120 years of automotive history, the history of seat belts is even less than half. But automotive experts say that seat belts have saved more than one million lives around the world. In Europe, traffic accident mortality rate has been reduced by 40% by fastening seat belts, and according to statistics by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the seat belt in the United States has saved more than 50,000 lives and 1.3 million people have avoided injuries in the United States.

3,500 people around the world die every day from traffic accidents. According to the World Health Organization, when you put on your seat belt, the mortality rate can be reduced by 50%. In Korea, there is a statistic that 84% of the front seats are wearing seat belts, while 19% of rear seats are wearing seat belts.

It is important to make it mandatory to wear seat belts in all seats such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and Korea, but more importantly, to ensure that all seat belts are worn.

At an amusement park like Disneyland or Universal Studios, in the case of roller coasters, a number of safety guards check one by one to see if you are wearing all of your seat belts. Nevertheless, while riding a roller coaster, an accident that unfastened the seat belt occurred at an amusement park in Texas.

What is important here is that there is a possibility that the seat belt may not be fastened. even if the safety guard, not the passengers, confirm it, it is a thing that people do.

In addition, whether it’s a passenger car, a school bus, an express bus, even if the driver tells all the passengers to wear seat belts, some may not wear them. It is also not easy that the driver confirms it one by one, and there is a possibility that the seat belt may not be fastened even if confirmed.

Even if several security guards do not check all seat belts, even if the driver does not check all the seats, what if an electronic device installed on each seat belt informs the smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth that all seat belts have been fastened?

If that were to happen, you will not need several security guards, you will be able to reduce the time it takes to check, and you will not even have to worry about whether your seat belt is not properly worn.

Imagine that this product (brand: safe-friends) from inno-i, a Korean company, is installed in your passenger car, school bus, express bus, and rides such as roller coasters in amusement parks. Think about what changes will happen, how safe and how easy you can be.

If you install this product, your auto insurance company will have to worry about how much insurance coverage you should apply.

If you use products such as safe-friends, it would not be impossible to reduce traffic accident mortality rate by 50%.

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