Light belt with LED, light diet and your mind


Light is now emerging as a basic icon of well-being from the essential instrumental things of our daily life. Among them, the rate of obesity which is rapidly growing is a well – being enemy for 21century셲 modern people. People always refer to obesity as 쁥eavy which is the term of the opposite meaning of ‘light’ weight. Modern people who prefer 쁓imple Life Style tend to prefer the standard weight of ‘light’.
Because of this social tendency to prefer such a lightweight, people strive to be lightweight. The word, light, can means 쁞right, and it also means 쁫ight weight. Similarly, the Lumi diet’s Lumi means 쁫ight in Latin.

Lumi Diet is a LED wearable health care device that says, “We’ll be your light with our light.” Lumi Diet is a LED wearable health care device that says, We’ll be your light with our light which is an LED wearable healthcare device. And said Lee Kyung-han, CEO of Lumi Diet said,
“Appearance is the area of self-satisfaction. However, I think that healthy energy and confidence derived from a healthy body line is something more than anything else we would like to have. So, people are tough, but they are using a myriad of ways to diet. I wanted to make people realize that diet, which is the process by which they are beautiful, is a pleasant process for me to work on instead of pain. ”


Furthermore, the most powerful advantage is the link between application and device. The data that is linked with the application system let the user be able to measure the health condition by themselves, and how they manage their daily lifestyle of diet and how to use the product after all. This trend which prefers to use IoT system rather than writing down their own data is one of the popular lifestyles to the people who want to manage themselves with the smart way using their actual data. Furthermore, this kind of trend makes people satisfied their life pattern and motivated positively on another side of their life like working, socializing and raising their self-esteem. It doesn셳 mean that just managing one셲 outstanding out looking is the best and the only way to improve one셲 self-esteem. Rather, just achieving their own self-life goal with their own schedule will be even better than comparing other methods.

Lumi Diet, who believes that healthy life can have a healthy mind and helps to live a positive life, will continue to be a light-companion to the healthy life of people all over the world with their own LED technology.

뼯 Double H LTD.
뼯 Brand Name: Lumi Diet
뼯 CEO: Kenny Kyunghan Lee
뼯 E-mail:
뼯 T: +82- 10-5280-6815, +82-31-606-6606

Cathy Lee
Asia Journal
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