The Korean innovation of body scrubbing culture which is considered ‘Health Care’ rather than ‘Beauty’

We normally wash our faces every morning or right before going out to meet someone and going to work. And we sometimes looking at the mirror for checking out the condition of our faces in our daily time. In addition, there are various cleansing products such as creams, chestnuts, oils and the like as well as basic cosmetics related to various facial skin on the market. On the other hand, how much care do we have about the skin of our bodies? Most people do not see their body as often as they can see their face through a mirror every day. In addition, body care seems to be enough to cleanse once through the body and the prototype mainly. But have you ever thought about it?


There is such a cycle in our skin as we have facial scrubbing with our facial skin regeneration cycle. According to such a cycle, keratin is generated. The keratin is a phenomenon that dead cells fall out of our skin cells. However, even though these keratin materials require different methods of care depending on the individual skin type, most people prefer the temporary shower method through the body cleansing method through the shower bowl or shower brush.

On the other hand, Conan O’Brien show ‘s “Jjimjilbang(Koren style spring sauna)”, which was aired a long time ago, shows Korea’ s steam sauna culture experience by introducing Korean jjimjilbang culture with Korean actor Steven yeon. The term of ‘Ttamil-yi’ means body scrubbing in Korean. Koreans take care of their skin by scrubbing the exfoliated skin after doing hot sauna or getting into the hot bath. This Korean skin care method has been popularized by those who have experienced the culture in an effective way in exfoliation and skin care, while Ttaereumio has difficulties in understanding the culture of this strange bath to those who are not familiar with the culture come.


For this, Ttaereumio presents solutions with their own special features as follows. First of all, as you can see from the smiles of those wearing colorful gloves in the picture, Ttaereumio is a family business run by a family who is all embracing the advantages of each family in the company and products by running into the business of Ttaereumio. The father and the son, respectively, as engineers, had the hardware to manufacture the textile directly. This direct design allows the customer to create products as desired and planned by the company. In addition, by introducing a direct and immediate plant system, customers can customize their production to their liking.

The biggest advantage of Ttaereumio is that it is based on the natural ingredients in the blending of raw materials of one yarn based on craftsmanship. This is different from the use of conventional artificial ingredients such as other shower balls or shower brushes. In addition, the use of such natural ingredients is noteworthy in that the user has incorporated the bath brush in consideration of the generation of heat generated during skin friction when using the bath brush.


Considering those natural ingredients, Ttaereumio also provides natural herbal soaps with various natural herbal ingredients called oriental blossoms. Ttaereumio ‘s CEO, who wants to make a product in the form of a fabric that suits the skin of various people all over the world, based on continuous product development. Based on this, he says, as Korean manage their skin smoothly, he wants to let people know how to manage their own skin health through skin exfoliation through Ttaereumio products.

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Cathy Lee
Asia Journal
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