An environmental company STX Bio, a former GN Bio, is ready to be the global environment protector!


GN Bio, an environmental company that produces ‘Super-1’ microorganism had been acquired by STX corporation, one of the leading global trading company in South Korea. This company newly starting its history is ready to be a global eco-friendly microorganism product company.

STX Bio, a former GN Bio, has been risen as a prospective environmental company by producing ‘Super-1’ microorganism. This indigenous microorganism derived from nature maintains a strong fermentation function that does not bring side effects such as mutation to the environment. This makes GN Bio more special compared to conventional microorganisms that are not consistent and bringing variation to the environment.

‘Super-1’ has a huge potential for making a healthy ecosystem, for example, improving river water and soil quality that leads to livestock and agricultural promotion. STX Bio has been working on four major industrial fields that are environment purification, fertilizer, feed, and foods.


Deodorizer is another business field that STX Bio focuses on. Mijapet, a pet deodorizer brand with Super-1 in it has been launched. Unlike the other deodorizer that removes smell temporarily leaving the germ in the air, STX Bio’s product helps decompound the actual cause of the odor and therefore perfect deodorization. This special microorganism deodorizer is even applicable to pet and pet-related goods that have even more sensitive skin than human. Further to Mijapet, STX Bio will expand its business to home total care solution.

Established in 2017, STX Bio is rapidly growing and expanding its business both domestically and internationally. We may expect how STX Bio keeps going to contribute to the environment and ultimately ecosystem restoration.

▲ STX Bio Co., Ltd.
▲ CEO: Park Sang Jun

Erika Jeon
Asia Journal
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)