An innovative masculine cleanser, HEISCLEAN will bring you a fresh daily life!


Body care has always been the responsibility of women for a long time. Of course, men have cared for their physical appearance too such as hair, mustache and putting on accessories for a better look. But comparatively, women are more burdened for additional care, particularly when it comes to the genital in the physical relationship.

Most women take care of the vagina by shaving or using a feminine cleanser. This is for removing odor and looking bright because they have been forced to do so by society. On the other hand, men have not been asked to shave to look clean and bright.

In fact, it can셳 be helped to some extent because the vagina is internal while the penis is external. Due to the internality, the vagina requires more sensitive care than the external organ. However, you should not misunderstand it. The most reasonable solution is that both genders take care of their genitals.


Men셲 genitals care is more important than generally thought. It is usually believed that sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are caused by not using condoms. But we need to pay attention to uncleanness. Most people miss that the groin, especially of men, uncleanness may transmit the virus into the women셲 body through sexual intercourse causing several female diseases too such as vaginitis.

In this context, HEISCLEAN is an innovative masculine cleanser that breaks the old social conventions. HUMANCURE Co. Ltd (Humancure) is the world셲 first masculine cleanser developing company in South Korea and launched HESICLEAN cleanser. This is composed of natural surfactant and botanical extracts called H.A.C.S (HEISCLEAN Anti-fungal Complex System), which is specially developed by Humancure patented for antifungal function.

These natural ingredients help cool down, brighten the groin and remove odor. In addition, it helps relieve the pain of itching. Many men sometimes experience an itchy sensation in the public area and in this situation, they must feel frustrated for they cannot do anything at the moment. HEISCLEAN셲 natural formulated ingredients stop the itching within a few minutes. This is particularly useful for those who have itching skin disorder caused by uncleanness.

There were no appropriate functional products for men so far. When they have problems such as feeling itchy, they needed to go to the clinic and prescribed steroid ointment which causes harmful side effects on the body. Therefore, this innovative HEISCLEAN masculine will bring a new fresh daily life to all men over the world and lead men셲 personal genital care.


뼯 HUMANCURE Co. Ltd. (Humancure)
뼯 Brand Name: Heisclean
뼯 CEO: Cho Young Jin
뼯 T: +82-43-882-8362

Erika Jeon
Asia Journal
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)