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The trend of people living in the 21st century is diversity and well-being culture. These trends aim at a well-being culture that motivates the psychological and physical well-being while recognizing the diversity of each person. Therefore, today’s modern people have been doing exercise depending on their taste even in busy daily life. It is not just a simple exercising, but a variety of exercises depending on your own disposition and taste. The arrival of this well – being culture did not separate daily life from exercise but made a trend of cultural lifestyle together. As this trend which exercising came to life deeply, the sportswear, which was considered to be worn only when exercising, has now become a daily life suit, and this trend has created a new fashion trend in which women wear leggings in everyday life.


Leggings have become a social phenomenon that has become a hot issue beyond simple socio-cultural trends, as it has recently been shown that the prohibition of women’s leggings on the airplane of some air lines and in the campus of Notre Dame University.

When we think of people who enjoy exercise, many people come to think of the owner of a body that is slim or muscularly firm and wears the tiny fit clothes. However, our body shapes in real life are limited to products that offer fashionable wearing options over a variety of things. So, in order to be healthy in the limitations of this sportswear, it seems that only the slim people are able to run the exercise, which is a leisure life as a springboard from the stress of everyday life.


In this situation, the CEO of Front 2 Line said that she wants to change this. Although she has sturdy physique body shape, doing a variety kind of exercising is her favorite hobby. Thus, the athlete suit style is her life style and fashion more than a simple active wear. However, the actual sportswear on the market was limited both in design and size. Those limited design and small – size sportswear made her feel sorry for her narrow choice. Finally, she decided to make her own at leisure brand.

That’s what made her the philosophy of the brand, The Front to Line. She believes that at leisure should be comfortable and at the same time have a distinctive design based on the specialty of women’s wear. The existing princess line is based on creative philosophy and trust, as she said, Front to line peruse design philosophy.

Therefore, as shown in the photograph, we tried to prevent the lower body edema by putting a boot cut design to reduce the inconvenience of the calf as well as the collective fit of other brands. In addition, with a fabric that gives a comfortable fit, the color of the Front to line only. We will never stop and we will continue to develop our design philosophy and continuous material development, and strive to become a sensible brand with our own special design.


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Cathy Lee
Asia Journal
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)