IFU INTERNATIONAL has a solution for problems of ready-to-wear trend

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Unlike old generation, new tradition is rising that most people nowadays use various shopping channels that you can buy through internet fashion shopping mall, mobile fashion shopping app, TV home shopping.

However, the disadvantage of buying clothes through these channels is that the difference between when the model is worn and when it is worn by the user, or because the size of the clothes does not match, the average rate of exchange and refund is 50% or more.

As a result, consumers’ dissatisfaction leads to a decrease in confidence in fashion brands and an increase in inventories due to returns, which leads to lower sales for fashion apparel companies.

Even if you buy clothes at an offline store, it is surprising that a ready-made garment is made only of a predetermined size, and therefore, it is difficult for a person to fit into a body shape.

However, it is not easy to wear custom clothes every time.

There is Korean company that can solve the problems of ready-to-wear garments dramatically.

Mrs. Cha of IFU INTERNATIONAL has developed a mobile app. (쏫NOW BODY)혻 that can measure the length, angle and even body circumference size of a specific part needed when making a piece of clothing with a camera of a smartphone of an individual.

(This figure can be used not only for fashion but also for fitness and body correction.)

She has developed a program (“IFU CAD”) that not only measures body size, but also makes it easy and fast to create patterns when manufacturing clothes with the body size figures. This is not a way of purchasing a program and installing each user on a PC, but it is a form of service that allows the customer to receive desired pattern results anywhere in the world by providing only the body size required for making clothes online.

Existing Pattern Creation CAD performs grading work by making predetermined basic pattern and inputting numerical values and enlarging or reducing the pattern uniformly. However, the biggest difference is that IFU CAD allows you to make various patterns in 0.1 second by entering the body size number first, and it is very easy and fast to modify the pattern. You can browse without this program and you can print it out. You can also organize the patterns into folders, so you do not have to keep the patterns in paper.

By optimizing the marking process of placing the pattern pieces on the fabric to cut, it reduces 25% of the fabric discarded and reduces the cutting time by 30%. This is a very important point for clothing production costs.

She creates and operates a custom clothing store (“Pre-ifu”), in addition to body size measurement APP and apparel pattern making CAD. You can measure your body size, regardless of time and place, and through the design selection process, she can provide you with the perfect pit garment in no time without a fitting.

The most important thing in fashion is a perfect fitting size. Customers can wear ready-to-wear clothing like custom clothing, and fashion apparel companies can make it quickly and easily, reducing the inventory burden due to exchange and returns, and raising sales as well as corporate credibility. This is a revolution in the fashion industry.

뼯 Brand Name: KNOW BODY, IFU CAD, Pre-ifu
뼯 CEO: Miyoung Cha
뼯 www.ifuint.com
뼯Email: ifuinter@gmail.com
뼯T: +82-2-579-4688

Mike Choi
Asia Journal
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)