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The popular trend in the 21st century is diverse kinds of culture trends about well-being. Accordingly, people have been engaging in exercise for the purpose of both mental-care and physical healthcare. There are various kinds of sports that people can enjoy these days and those uprising new kinds of sports encourage the fashion company to make different kinds of sportswear.

This new trend makes sport wear brands to aware of the needs to distinguish themselves in becoming a well-being partner to their customers and also promoting this cultural lifestyle together. This phenomenon has created a new fashion trend known as the “athleisure look” – with women now wearing leggings in their daily life. Consequently, this athleisure look makes the brand ‘Front 2 Line’ – the name which evokes the company’s vision to highlight itself as being on the front lines of peoples’ daily health and lifestyles.


The brand ‘Front 2 Line’ distinguishes itself from the common conception of people who enjoy exercise being the owner of a slim or muscularly firm physique, who wears the tiny fit clothes. However, our body shapes in real life are not limited to products that offer fashionable wearing options over a variety of requirements. In attempting to overcome those limitations of female sports-wear which is only limited to the ideal slim body line, the CEO of Front 2 Line declared her intent to challenge to change this stereotype.

Thus, she created her own brand “Front 2 Line” which is stand for the athlete suit style that everyone can enjoy. The limited designs and small size of sportswear made her frustrated with the narrow choices. “Front 2 Line” believes that the athleisure suit should be comfortable, while also having a distinctive design based on the specialty of women’s wears. One of the representative examples is an existing princess line based upon this creative philosophy and its vision.


As presented in the photograph, Front 2 Line tried to prevent the lower body edema by incorporating boots-cut design to reduce the inconvenience of the calves, as well as the collective fit of other brands. In addition, the fabric provides a comfortable fit in balance with the unique color of the Front 2 Line brand. Front 2 Line represents a fearless, avant garede brand which will strive to become a sensible brand with its own unique design and philosophy with continuous materials.


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Cathy Lee
Asia Journal
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)