Pakers’ LED Light become your health care manager


Pakers has been expanding the business into the health and beauty care industry, based upon its technical strengths. They are researching and developing a wearable homecare product which will enable consumers to easily and safely use LED Therapy, and will soon be manufacturing and selling devices using LED Therapy.

Aalok is LED Therapy healthcare wearable fat reducer from Pakers. They expanded the business to lead the future of healthcare and beauty brand with many years of certified international achievements, and technology patents in the LED field, Pakers intends to become a leader in the trending homecare of health and beauty care.

This will be achieved by incorporating LED therapy with LED technology, based upon its accumulated know-how over many years.


‘Aalok(알록)’ means ‘colorful’ in Korean language. This brand name implies the colorful LED light that the device emits. Aalok emits near-infrared rays that are beneficial for the human body. It increases body temperature and activates natural healing functions that help recover a physical condition before exercise. It also enhances muscle strength and reduces fat cells. Aalok’s near-infrared ray is 835 nm and this level is the best for the wavelength to reach the dermis of the skin, and the lipid and muscle layers under the skin. This is how Aalok helps intensive fat management and muscle strength without any pains.

Aalok represents a diet-specific product as Fat melt product and an excellent contribution to Pakers’ Health & Beauty Care. In addition, the automatic temperature control system and the output energy control device automatically reach the fat and muscle layer for 12 minutes, before turning off automatically. This easy and convenient fat-melt product offers a safe internationally-certified LED option for those on a diet.

Aalok uses three different types of belt to focus on and control the fat and muscle of the desired area. This is suited to targeting common problem areas within the forearms, thighs, calf, belly, and flank.


Paker’s LED technology not only includes diet products such as fat-melt but also functions such as an LED patch that relieves pain. Pakers is expected to show a variety of Health Care products with constantly upgraded technology.

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▲ CEO : Peter Park
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Cathy Lee
Asia Journal
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