Spagel Magic Patch Will be The Best Option for Relieving Your Period Pain

Heat is one of the popular methods commonly used for physical therapy, which is called ‘thermotherapy’. It helps fast metabolism and blood circulation that alleviate the pain. For example, hot bath, or balneotherapy is good for muscle relaxation.

Recently, there has been a new thermotherapeutic application. ‘Spagel Magic Patch’ is a slim heating patch for relieving the period pain of the women. Almost one-fourth global population (usually women aged from 13 to 50 years old) do have menstruation and many of them are suffering from the period pain. Moreover, the period pain can only be relieved through chemical medicine, but full recovery treatment is not yet discovered.

Spagel Magic Patch includes the minute doses of phytochemical substance called ‘Capsaicin’. This substance stimulates TRPV1(Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid 1) in the nerves and you are able to feel the heat around 42℃ with the actual temperature rise of 4℃. This is non-epispastic and indirectly contributes to the belly lifting and cellulite improvement temporarily. In addition, it has been proved through the test that there is an increase in micro-blood-flow boy 112% in 2 hours after attachment and improvement in the level of skin gloss by 13.38% if you attach the patch for 8 hours, three times three weeks. The recommended frequency to attach the patch is twice per day. After the initial attachment for 8 hours, you are required to remove it and give rest to your skin for 3-4 hours until the next attachment.


In fact, Spagel Magic Patch was released for weight-loss purpose at first in 2017, according to the Papearl Co., Ltd., a Korean company launched the product. Simply put, the heat was expected to help lengthen the connective tissue such as ligament which gives body-stretching effect and thus, an indirect effect for weight-loss.

However, there a lot more comments from the consumers that the period pain was relieved after using the patch. By accepting consumers’ feedback, Papearl modified and improved the product more focusing on the period pain and finally, Spagel Magic Patch was out to the market. Although this thermotherapy has been a kind of folk remedy, there was proved that heating the abdomen is effective for relieving the period pain (Akin, 2014).

This slim and easy-to-wear patch brought me a kind of new life to me, a writer here. During the period, it was harsh for me to sit down and work for long hours in the office because of both abdominal pain and backache. Men will never know how much it is painful and how many women are suffering from such a harsh period pain over their half of the lifetime. For me, I would express that even my whole body is trembling and it feels like something is squeezing my womb so tight. In such continuing pain, Spagel Magic patch was a kind of a savior in my life. Attaching the patch on my belly and back made it much more comfortable, relieving period pain. In addition, the heat lasted almost for the half of the day and the skin was comfortable during the attachment as it is very slim and strongly adhesive to the skin. I even thought that it may also be useful as a portable heating patch in winter, not only for remedy.

Kim, an executive director of Papearl Co., Ltd. explains that warming the abdomen has been a widely-used method for treating various kinds of pain in Korea including period pain and diarrhea. He also recommends using this patch for post-natal care since it has no harmful components to the body that proved through the clinical test and patented in the U.S.

If you are a woman suffering from the period pain, or man suffering from diarrhea or backache, why don’t you try this awesome patch? There are many real cases that many Korean women got better in their period pain by using Spagel Magic patch. This so-called K-remedy (a folk remedy in Korea), not only K-Pop, is ready to sweep the world.

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Erika Jeon
Asia Journal
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)