The secret to making healthy, thick hair from the solid roots absorbing good energy suggested by ROOTONIX will be your confidence.

KakaoTalk_20190903_161512042ROOTONIX is the brand which fits in people ’s lives . ROOTONIX manufactures beauty devices and launches trendy devices .This brand has been growing since its establish- ment in 2018. The main slogan of ROOTONIX is that “Create a world where anyone can easily do self -care in the home !” ROOTONIX has become the most authentic brand in self- beauty. The ROOTONIX was well-known for quality of its goods. Today, Self-management means not only managing the appearance that is seen by oth- ers, but also managing the mind like self-confidence. However, most people totally cannot make the time for regularly visiting hair salons, dermatology clinic for their beauty treatments, etc. Here, ROOTONIX is absolutely the best solution of Home care to you for making your everyday can be much more beautiful than your yesterday. ROOTONIX deeply sympathize that the trend of Beauty is the hottest value that all of the people want to get. So, for that, ROOTONIX would like to suggest you a chance to have healing aesthetic time at your home. This is a self -beauty care solution which is more simple than comparing care service at salon or aesthetic shop that you need to use a large amount of both money and time . ROOTONIX is deeply con- cerned and strives for self – beauty and health care at your home . ROOTONIX suggests home -beauty care in an easy way that everyone can try.

루토닉스_사진1 (2)Above of all, VOLUME BOOSTER made by ROO- TONIX is the most notable point. VOLUME BOOSTER is the solution for preventing hair loss with their techno- logical knowhow. As business philosophy from the founder, Dae Kwon (Rio) Jeong, ROO- TONIX provides an easy way homecare to you. Also it is designed supuer easy to grip and resemble with the shape of hair root. VOLUMEBOOSTER can be applied to everyone regardless of any sizes , types and hair conditions of hair with round shape of surface . Also , ROOT – ONIX VOLUME BOOSTER has technology with special know -how using LED and Vibration . The LED technol – ogy is about “ELETROPORA-TION”. ELETROPORATION which ROOTONIX VOLUME BOOSTER chooses is the ulti- mate technology for home care beauty device. It’s a technology that maximizes the absorption of active ingredients in cosmet- ics by instantaneously applying electrical pulses to the surface of the skin to create a hole through which molecular units can pen- etrate and push nutrients into it. ELETROPORATION technol- ogy is 500 times more effective than galvanic, making it easy to use the technology used in der- matology at home. What’s more, the “Micro Vibration” technol- ogy which is also a distinctive feature of ROOTONIX.

The 9,000 fine vibration modes per minute provide de- tailed stimulation to the epider- mis that surrounds the hair roots. Also, RED, BLUE, GREEN.
Three vibration wavelength modes stimulate the scalp to provide a massage effect around the hair roots. ROOTONIX recom- mends you this guide-line. It is about that if you use in the vi- bration mode, especially if you massage from the ear down to the neck line and also a lymph gland massage is really great for the discharge of toxins in the body.
루토닉스-캡쳐2-300x201Next, the second notable point is ROOTONIX’s ROOT- FARM Energy Volume Am- poule. The key technology is Lycorin solution. Also, ROOT- FARM Energy Volume Am- poule has core technology which is natural organic ingredient. The ingredients of ROOTFARM Energy Volume Ampoule con- sist of 22 herbal extracts and 8 natural ingredients.
ROOTONIX will open up a new paradigm of home-care in the future with the new innova- tion solutions above.




▲ Device: VOLUME BOOSTER / Ampoule: ROOTFARM Energy Volume Ampoule

▲ CEO: Dae Kwon (Rio) Jeong


▲ E-mail:

▲ T: +82-10-2714-0101


Cathy Lee

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