The royal prestige ginseng berry can become your premium health care partner.

Korea is the greatest producer of ginseng in the world. It is difficult for mainstream medical circles to acknowledge the medical properties of ginseng. For decades in Korea, ginseng berry and ginseng leaf teas have widely been used to boost elasticity and care wrinkles. According to Albert Einstein셲 study, ginseng berry helps to mop up harmful free 吏꾩깮移_궗吏2radicals, inhibit the activity of aging, and activate the sirtuins. In addition, according to the research done in University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, it is proven that ginseng berry is effective for diabetes and obesity. Ginseng berry contains all of the essential nutrients and has 30% of ginsenoside, which is ginseng셲 saponin. In addition, ginseng berry has three times more Ginsenoside Re, which is more effective for diabetes than ginseng roots. Since ginseng berry has had more saponin(ginsenoside) than ginseng roots, ginseng berry is now undergoing experiments by researchers.

While its medicinal value is debated today, its popularity isn셳. Ginseng berries are found only in ginseng aged over 3 years. Especially, it is difficult to have the suitable ginseng berries because they are too small to be reaped in 3-year-old ginseng, while 5-year-old ginseng’s flowers are cut off to keep its root healthy. Therefore, only the berries in 4-year-old ginseng is perfect to be used as a food. Initially, Ginseng berry is green, then it gets red during mid July; finally, it falls down in August. However, the harvested fruits are no longer stored for a long period of time as it withers in a day. Therefore, 쏥inseng Khan developed a method of sealing food of ginseng berry extract.

吏꾩깮移_궗吏3All manner of health-enhancing properties have been attributed to this unusual looking ginseng. According to studies done from Daejin University and Kangwon National University, “In order to increase amounts of saponins, ginseng goes through a special process of steaming and drying four times, and fermentation in order to improve internal resorption of the product.” Ginseng Khan is the product that went through those processes. However, it is proven that the ginseng berry has a large potential as healthy food with new fermentation technology. Furthermore, it is proven that you will have more health benefits by having ginseng berry, which is 100% organically home-grown. I wish you felt how effective the new red ginseng is for your health.


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