AI-based Multilingual Platform, ‘BeautyCorn’ is ready to spread Healthy K-Beauty and Culture to the World

South Korea, the plastic surgery capital of the world, may be the place where medical technologies have advanced the most with the best surgeons. While the Korean domestic market is saturated, the demand for plastic surgery is still high in the global market. Although Korean plastic surgery clinics are attracting many foreign patients, there is little to no access to information on these clinics. The lack of information on price, treatments, side effects, etc. has caused many problems for foreigner patients such as being charged exorbitant prices and even fraud by illegal brokers.


in order to stop this uncomfortable side of K-beauty and create a healthy culture of plastic surgery, ‘BeautyCorn’, an AI-based multilingual platform providing reliable information on plastic surgery, was launched by BeautySocial Inc., a tech start-up company led by James Cho. Established in Los Angeles 4 years ago, BeautySocial Inc. has been striving to provide useful information on plastic surgery while helping global consumers in choosing clinics and doctors in South Korea. BeautyCorn provides the most accurate information curated based on AI and big data.


Nowadays, there is a large amount of plastic surgery content overflowing online. A vast majority of this content is unreliable and exaggerated for advertisements, which prevents consumers from making the best judgement. When choosing a clinic for surgery, the most important factors to be considered include the doctor’s experiences, clinic facilities, and the type of care program the clinic offers. Despite all of these seemingly crucial components, the priority seems to be the price. Consumers tend to choose the clinic with the cheapest price regardless of the clinic’s surgical technology and the doctor’s background, which is linked to the superfluous amount of clinic advertisements that ‘cut’ the price in order to attract more patients. Unfortunately, this results in unnecessary surgery, obsession, and side effects.


BeautyCorn helps global consumers choose the appropriate clinic and doctor. The platform contains information on over 1,600 clinics and 3,400 doctors in Korea as well as various cosmetic treatments. This information is presented in user-friendly text and infographic so that users can easily digest the information. All contents are AI-based and curated, and provided in seven languages of Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Russian and Thai. Therefore, not only Korean, but global consumers can gain access to reliable and validated contents on Korean plastic surgery.


All of this was possible because of Cho’s personal experience. A few years ago, he had tried to receive orthodontic treatment to straighten his teeth by using a mobile app that promotes special offers provided by Korean clinics. However, what he found was that there is a price difference between what was advertised in the app and the actual amount charged after the treatment. He then realized that this happens because of disagreements between the consumer and the clinic. Consumers want cheaper prices, while clinics want to be paid reasonably. That is why clinics put up fake prices in advertising themselves in order to attract more patients. Cho decided to make a fair and healthy platform that helps consumers to access accurate information, while clinics can be paid fairly for their medical services. This is how BeautyCorn was launched to the world.


This platform is not meant to promote plastic surgery. It is meant to reduce unnecessary surgical operations, encourage healthy plastic surgery, and provide a trustworthy database for global consumers. With the advanced technology and accumulated big data, BeautyCorn is ready to spread healthy K-Beauty and plastic surgery culture to the world.


▲ Company Name: BeautySocial Inc.

▲ Platform Name: BeautyCorn

▲ CEO: James Cho



Erika Jeon

Asia Journal

(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)