Beautiful Fragrance originated from beautiful memories

Rudia isn’t only meaning the brand name but also meaning beautiful memory with grandma who was a homestay host that the CEO, Danbi Hong who is outstanding young business women, met when she was in her childhood at Newzealand. At that moment she could have good memories with Grandma Rudia in her garden and her organic food. These memories affect her business when she was deeply thinking about her business item. And she finally makes decision to choose her business item with link between Rudia Granma’s organic knowhow and her beauty business.


 In the first time of her business, she named her beauty brand and also her English name after Grandma Rudia reminding happy and beautiful memories with her. Also, she made her the wonderful beauty brand Rudia’s Concept as Luxurious and Organic brand following her beauty knowhow. Now, Rudia which is the brilliant Beauty brand now provides Cosmetics fulfilled of natural and Luxurious ingredients for managing customer’s skin getting more beautiful and Inner Beauty products for helping customer managing their health. Rudia only uses natural raw material, doing their best to make the healthiest fragrance that gives the customers beautiful skins and happiness.

  Above all, Rudia fragrance is a brilliant K-Beauty brand that tried to provide best solution to the customer with their products for managing customer’s out-looking beauty care. “Wrinkle Remover Stick” is a notable new product from Rudia fragrance and made with Natural oils and Red yeast mold extracts penetrate into skin to supply moisture. The Wrinkle Remover Stick which is made by Rudia Fragrance is targeting for the customers who want to erase their wrinkle in an easy way after and before makeup. This “Wrinkle Remover Stick” made by Rudia has an interesting making story before being launched. One day, Dan-bi Hong, one of the brilliant notable K-Beauty brand Rudia Fragrance’s founder, imagined how easy it will be, if she doesn’t need to use her finger when she put on eye cream at the end of the day that she worked hard all day long. She found her lipstick on her dressing table and it makes her try to make stick type of wrinkle care cream. Finally, at the end of her constant effort, the “Wrinkle Remover Stick”, Rudia Fragrance’s signature product, can be launched.


“Wrinkle Remover Stick” improves skin elasticity and care wrinkles no matter where there are wrinkles, with wrinkle care function, provides bright shine to the dark circle area with whitening functions certified and is recommended to every kind of skin including troublesome or blemish skins and helps sooth trouble skins.

Lots beauty bloggers & influencers promoted this item, as it growing popular more, she said “This item is being sold per every 80 second”. Furthermore, there is another notable cosmetic product made by Rudia. That is “Crocodile oil lux cream” with twinkle diamond shape case. This Crocodile oil lux cream maintaining with High Nutrition only use the limited amount of legitimate crocodile oil. As the founder said that the Crocodile oil cream is good for Whitening, Skin repairing certificated by KFDA, preventing infection from deep scars. In addition, abundant omega 3, 6, 9, and vitamin E contribute to quick recovery of skin by their restoration and antiaging, and moisturizing functions. Also, Crocodile oil lux cream is all-in-one type cream made by 100% real crocodile oil with 19 kids of natural extracts added. It is really powerful effect of crocodile oils repairing function and Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial to control sebum and acnes.

루디아프레그런스_사진2(제품)Likewise, Rudia Fragrance is also putting their efforts a lot to launch their “Inner beauty Product Line”. The most notable product among them is “Reborn”. Reborn is made for women who want to catch both diet and their health care. Like the meaning of Reborn, Reborn, the inner beauty product, contains 40 percent of Korean traditional Organic grins which name is ChajeonJapi. And also its ingredients are from prune, pumpkins, Hibiscus, Aloe, Lemon balm and ext. This diet healthy food which name is Reborn is also easy to dissolve with the cold water. So, it will be really easy to take in our daily life.

Danbi Hong, the founder of Rudia Fragrance, hopes that Rudia will become the top brand in the Beauty Industry. And Rudia ensures that they only use natural raw material, doing their best to make the healthiest fragrance that gives the customers beautiful skins and happiness.

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Cathy Lee

Asia Journal

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