An excellent choice of phototherapy products, Aalok (Pakers Co., Ltd.)

Numerous medical papers have demonstrated that wavelengths of light are effective in skin brightening, skin regeneration, pain relief, skin infection prevention, and inflammation suppression.

As a result, many light therapy products using LED light are on the market. This uses the characteristic that the depth of penetration through the skin varies depending on the wavelength of light.

 In order to improve skin trouble, most of them use Blue LED (acne treatment), Green LED (brightening effect), Yellow LED (toxin removal, soothing effect), Red LED (collagen production promotion, cell regeneration), 660nm Red LED light only improves the skin up to the dermis.

 Commercially available LED Mask products include products consisting of a combination of 2 light sources (red LED, IR(infrared) LED), or a combination of 3 light sources (red, blue, NIR(near infrared) LED).

 If the wavelength and output are the same, the more LEDs, the better. More importantly, it must be made of LEDs that can produce powerful output with a small number of LEDs.

It must be a product that can strongly investigate a specific wavelength band.

 Pakers Co., Ltd. of Korea does not make LED as a uniform industrial product, but has a production line that can produce Customized LED with its own technology.

 Pakers will release a product called LED Patch (Near Infrared Pain Relief Device) in October 2019. As LED medical device manufacturing companies, they go directly from product planning to manufacturing and sales through their own technology development. By irradiating strong and powerful near-infrared LED patch, the near-infrared rays reach directly to the trigger point of pain, and the effect of intensively relieving pain is achieved by physical activation.

LED Patch can experience LED Light Therapy by safe near infrared with no side effect.


It can be used to relieve pain such as those who feel pain in various joint area such as wrists, elbows, shoulders, and ankles while exercising, mothers who care for babies, and housewives with frequent chores.


 Pakers’ Fat Melt product (Brand: Aalok) delivers warmth to the fat layer in the skin with its proprietary 835nm near infrared wavelength. This near-infrared stimulates the mitochondria, an energy power plant in fat cells, promotes the production of ATP, which is the energy source for fat cells, activating fat cells and eventually reducing fat as butter melts.


Aalok Fat Melt is designed to be used on areas where you want to lose weight.

 As such, Pakers Co., Ltd. is a strong manufacturer of LED medical devices, and also produces LED devices for skin care used in dermatology and home beauty devices for home use.

 Pakers will launch additional products such as Handy-Type Faceline Management Device, Handy-Type Skin Trouble Management Device (acne, brightening, etc.), Intensive LED Mask, LED Helmet (Scalp Clean and Hair Loss Management).

 If you’re a smart consumer or buyer, why not consider this when choosing a phototherapy product?

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