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Recently, the interest in cosmetics has shifted from beautiful skin to healthy skin. Curiosity about the safety of raw materials in cosmetics is also increasing. There is also an increased interest in, natural and organic cosmetics. These cosmetics already have a common place in Europe and the United States. Nowadays consumers from around the world are finding interest in the trend.

Natural cosmetics refer to cosmetics made from raw materials extracted from natural ingredients like, fruits and flowers. Organic cosmetics refer to cosmetics made from organic ingredients. The expansion of the natural cosmetics market and the development of biotechnology are affecting the expansion of functional cosmetics categories. Until the mid-2000s, functional cosmetics based on synthetic chemicals led the cosmetics market. However, due to the recent development of biotechnology, natural-derived natural ingredients that keep the human body’s own protective function and homeostasis from deterioration of natural environment and external harmful environmental factors have been spotlighted as the material of functional cosmetics. Natural cosmetic materials are being used in various forms based on their usefulness not only chemical substances but also natural substances derived from plants as well as chemicals according to the nature-oriented and environmentally friendly trend.

An outstanding cosmetic made by Rudia Fragrance is Crocodile oil lux cream. Crocodile oil is also a favorite extract of ancient Egyptian beauty Cleopatra, and is said to have been used effectively for skin diseases such as burns and cut skin tissues such as cuts and wounds. In particular, it has anti-aging and restoring effects as well as anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. This product solves the stickiness problem of oily nourishing cream by providing nutrients without being greasy. In addition, omega 3, 6, 9 and vitamin E ingredients quickly restore the skin. It is the same quality as European high-end skin care products, and it is a crocodile cream with proven whitening and anti-wrinkle effect, offering a reasonable price and unmatched quality.

루디아 프레그런스_사진(인물)After years of research in collaboration with a oriental doctor, Rudia Fragrance launched a healthy diet supplement product called Reborn. Reborn is made for women who are looking for a product that provide, both health and diet benefits and is easy to consume. 40% of Reborn , Inner Beauty Product, is made of Cha-Pi, a traditional Korean organic fiber. Other ingredients include, plums, zucchini, hibiscus, aloe, lemon balm and other ingredients. The ingredient, pumpkin concentrate is excellent for removing swelling. Reborn can be used for all types of skin. It can help to alleviate trouble and problem skin. This diet health food easily dissolves into cold water so you can take it with you anywhere.

Rudia Fragrance is a great brand that offers customers the very best products based on a variety of beauty care products. Wrinkle Remover Stick is a brilliant product from Rudia Fragrance, and Danbi Hong, founder of Rudia Fragrance, thought it would be convenient to combine eye cream with lipstick. She released the Wrinkle Remover Stick after constant effort to realize her ideas. Wrinkle Remover Stick improves skin elasticity, cares for wrinkles, soothes skin troubles, and whitens, relieves dark and dull skin, dark circles and pigmentation. In addition, the natural oils and red yeast fungus extract of the Wrinkle Remover Stick moisturize the skin. If you apply it before going to bed, it will keep you moist until the next morning.

In addition to basic cosmetics, Rudia Fragrance introduced several dietary supplements and a whole new product called Y-zone therapy, a spray-type female cleanser. A broad range of unique and effective products are available in addition to this new-concept women’s cleanser that helps support the natural balance and moisture without water washing.

루디아 프레그런스_사진(제품)

“I made it for my own good as well,” says Rudia Fragrance CEO. The most effective and convenient way to care for her various skin concerns is to use Rudia Fragrance.

Rudia Fragrance promises to reach its customers with the result of its strong functionality and maximum content of natural raw materials.


▲ Brand: Rudia Fragrance

▲ CEO: Dan-Bi Hong


▲ T: +82-70-7705-5004

Jay Lee

Asia Journal

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