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There are many skincare devices in the world. There are products using various principles such as Galvanic, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), Electroporation (EP), Plasma, LED, Vibration, etc.

However, scalp care devices that help with hair loss and hair growth are not so common. Even if a commercialized device exists, it is a product that induces hair loss and prevents hair loss by improving blood flow of capillaries by using light therapy.

If it is not a scalp care device, there are only liquid products such as shampoos and ampoules that help hair loss and hair growth. This is because the active ingredient acts only on the epidermis and is absorbed by the dermis.

Despite the fact that many liquid products with active ingredients, which are very helpful for hair root development, have been developed for many years, scalp care devices that deliver them to the dermis of the scalp are rare.

Mr.Jeong, a representative of ROOTONIX, Korea, developed and commercialized a product that helps to absorb molecules of liquid ingredients (natural ampoules) of active ingredients into the scalp using EP pulses as a scalp care device, not a skin care device.

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ROOTONIX VOLUME BOOSTER, a scalp care device for home care, temporarily creates electrical punctures on the scalp by electrical pulses. And it is a device that helps to absorb the molecules of ROOTFARM Energy Volume Ampoule (Ampoule for hair loss prevention and hair growth promotion of natural ingredients) to the dermis layer. (Electroporation pulse is known to have about 500 times higher penetration than Galvanic Device that ionizes active ingredients of cosmetics and penetrates the skin using the properties of micro currents that push out the same poles.)

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In addition, the function of irradiating near-infrared rays according to the wavelength to help the hair root development and the addition of 9,000 vibrations per minute by the wavelength to remove the waste through the massage effect.

According to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, the U.S. men’s hair loss population reaches 35 million and the women’s hair loss population reaches 21 million. In addition, the number of hair loss populations is increasing every year, and by age group, the 20s and 30s account for 48.4% and the 40s and 70s account for 37.8%.

Rather than paying a high price for visiting a hospital or clinic in your busy work life, you may feel satisfied if you imagine taking the time to try ROOTONIX products at home. Why don’t you try new experiences with your scalp care device?


โ–ฒ Device: VOLUME BOOSTER / Ampoule: ROOTFARM Energy Volume Ampoule

โ–ฒ CEO: Dae Kwon (Rio) Jeong


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โ–ฒ T: +82-10-2714-0101

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