Tactile Pro, Communication Solution for the Visually Impaired

Mr. Jung (Jung-il Jung, Representative of PCT Co., Ltd. of Korea) after 12 years of research, made a tablet PC (Tactile Pro) for the visually handicapped person.

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The French novel Little Prince (writer: Antoine de Saint Exupรฉry) is also heard by the visually impaired from a tablet PC. In the novel, adults mistake the hat for drawing, but say it is a boa constrictor who swallows an elephant and then digests it. Mr. Jung not only expressed this novel in Braille, but also expressed this image as a Dot-type image and made it move. (Tactile Pro video created by PCT can be seen on YouTube.)

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In addition, a touch screen can be connected to the tablet for the visually impaired to communicate with the general public.

Along with the visually impaired, the general public can see together, e-mail, chatting, the Internet can be together, and innovative products that can communicate with each other.

Worldwide, portable tablets for the visually impaired are very rare. Visually impaired people cannot find a job forever, cannot stand on their own, and are left out from the prejudice of the general public. There is some support at the national and corporate levels, but neither the government, nor the companies, nor the public around them are looking for a fundamental solution to how to help the blind.

Most importantly, in order for blind people to stand up as members of society without being alienated from society, we need to provide them with a lot of information and communication.

We need to make them feel at their fingertips the images and moving images of the world they don’t see visually.

We need to make them feel the internet world they didn’t experience: email, KakaoTalk, LINE, blogs, Instagram, Facebook, internet browsers.

Not only that, if many people find that visually impaired people can easily communicate with the general public just by the touch of their fingertips, the prejudice that many people cannot communicate with them and there is no way to help them will naturally disappear.

In accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which 177 countries around the world have joined and ratified (January 2019), the following provisions have been made for each country.

โ— We publish and distribute Braille reports to libraries with disabilities so that the visually impaired can access and use them. โ— Amend relevant laws to ensure that all persons with disabilities have access to information through Internet websites on an equal basis with others, and encourage visual and other persons with disabilities to access smartphones.

In 2018, Deloitte emphasized in its report that it should expand its social contribution business as one of the company’s six drivers of value creation.

89% of customers intend to switch to a brand that is reminiscent of a good cause for companies doing social contributions, and 87% of millennials are outside of financial performance to determine business success. Was the result of statistical analysis.

In other words, the company must create social value, transform it into a core differentiator of brand value through social contribution projects, and create an element that can strengthen employee satisfaction and organizational cohesion.

What is unfortunate here, whether at the United Nations level or at the corporate social contribution level, is that there is no practical solution for the blind to participate as a member of society and to communicate with the public in the shadow of prejudice.

As a solution, I think it could be PCT’s Tactile Pro. How about reaching out to the visually impaired with Tactile Pro, as well as government and businesses?

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Mike Choi

Asia Journal

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