Social media has become a big part of many people’s lives

Don’t spend too much time on social media. It may give you a sence of fun, but there’s nothing so productive about spending time on social media. Also, relationships through are passive, and you cannot from strong bonds with people. Don’t waste your time on social media. Scrolling through social media can be entertaining, but in reality, it is not productive. Online relationships are skin-deep and can’t offer a strong emotional connection with a real person. Social media is a time suck. It is a great way to pass the time, but it is not benefiting you in anyway. Forging strong relationships in the real world is much better than casual online connections. We cannot without social media. It is important to be in the knew. You can stay in the loop by keeping in contact with your friends and meeting new ones online. Having a good online presence can strengthen your connections with people in a non-virtual setting. The world is constantly changing. Social media is a tool we can use so we can keep up. Social media can help us both on and offline with our friends, family, and business connection. It is rare to find a friend in whom you can always confide. Social Media relationship have to base on mutual trust and respect. Confidence in the SNS industry too, is growing. Show them(BUCKETGRAM) that you care about, respect, and trust them(BEUTY AND HEALTH CARE PRODUCT GOODS). She(GRACE & HONEST CEO: EUN SUK CHOI) cares about everyone, she is interested in and concerned about people’s beauty and health care. Remember there are many things I want you to focus on bellow down:



Sam Kim
Asia Journal
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)