High-freq. induction type Electric boiler operated with 3KW (equivalent to two hair dryers)

Different types of heaters are used in everyday life in each country.

Radiator is used and electric heater is used. In Korea, water is uniquely heated by a boiler and then heated by pouring the heated water into a pipe that is pre-installed at the bottom of the living space. The type of boiler varies depending on whether the energy used to heat the boiler is kerosene, LPG gas, or electricity.

Whatever the type of boiler, there are differences in the cost of energy use, not only noise, but also air pollution and fire. The disadvantage of choosing a specific type of boiler is that you have to overcome the inconvenience and continue to use it.

Recently, among the LPG gas boilers, which are quite common in Korea, products with higher thermal efficiency have been released.

But have you ever wondered if it would be much cheaper than existing boilers? Would you believe there would be an electric boiler that would warm a 99m짼 room in about 5 minutes with 3KW (Power consumption equivalent to two hair dryers) ?

AdTech Co.,Ltd. of Korea (CEO: Jae-Duk Lee) developed a high-frequency induction type electric boiler, not a general electric boiler.

The thermal efficiency is so good that it quickly warms up in a short time after the boiler is started, resulting in a 30% savings in heating costs over conventional gas boilers. Compared with general electric boilers, Prototype is manufactured so that only 25% ~ 30% of electricity can be used for the same heating value.

It is small in size, simple in internal structure and very low noise. Since there is no combustion, there is no fear of air pollution or fire.

Mr.Lee is planning to develop a warm air heater based on this technology. High-frequency induction type electric boilers can be used not only in homes, but also in hotels and industrial sites, as long as they increase power consumption and connect several. Even if the boiler is already installed, it can be used as it is by replacing the boiler and connecting the pipes.

It’s quite attractive to have a few minutes of running electricity on two hair dryers to warm the room and use hot water immediately.

뼯 AdTech Co.,Ltd.

뼯 CEO : Jae-Duk Lee

뼯 Email : adtechceo@naver.com

뼯 +82-10-9984-4534

Mike Choi

Asia Journal

(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)