Pollution of the environment of the animal-infected carcass

The slaughter of about 160,000 pigs due to swine flu near the South-North Korean border in South Korea, and the subsequent action is even more disastrous, Although people near the dead body are suffering from the stench from the dead body into the bleeding river, the Korean government seems to be holding each other responsible due to its complacent administrative measures.


The Civic and Environmental groups are also monitoring the seriousness of this issue. Currently, Korea is fighting in the National Assembly for next year’s general elections and budget deliberation, and seems to be working with the Japanese government to improve relations. There are many internal and external solutions to the problems, but if the ministries in charge of post-management are aware of the seriousness of citizens and the surrounding environment due to the swine flu, they should show the first. We hope that Lee will make the utmost effort to pay more attention to public opinions and persuade the people to understand government positions and polices on certain issues. It seems that there is a company to pay attention to in Korea.


The company(STX BIO) is already showing the effect of improving the environment in major areas of the province. Especially, I know that the effect of microbes was to purify river pollution and to purify the surroundings caused by.

Sam Kim
Asia Journal
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)