Samsung Electronics’ labor union is finally set to launch


The Federation of Korean Trade Unions (FKTU) said that Samsung Electronics’ union will hold a press conference to announce its launch on the morning of November 16 and join the National Labor Conference to prevent labor reform. At the launching ceremony of Samsung Electronics’ labor union, representatives from the metal and electronics industries under the Federation of Korean Trade Unions, including those from LG Electronics and SK hynix, will also join forces.The investigation revealed that Samsung Group had been cooperating with government officials and officials for decades to check out union membership.

삼성노조설립(2)Currently, Samsung Electronics is facing trial and appears to be suffering from continuing unhappiness in the bribery talks of its largest shareholder. Samsung Electronics, which claims to be one of the world’s top companies in the electronics and semiconductor sectors, is showing its strong opposition to the union’s formation, although it claims to be the best company in the world. is about retribution, if you like; it is about appropriately stigmatising the behaviour of companies in certain situations. The international markets are calling on domestic(korea) businesses for a higher standard of business ethics. There needs to be a better code of business ethics, including more personal responsibility and corporate accountability. Ethics are important and in an ideal world, all companies and government organizations would be honest and transparent.

Sam Kim

Asia Journal

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