Ku-hara, K-POP Star, has died at age 28

Ku-haraKu-hara, 28, a singer from girl group Kara, was found to have found a memo that expressed pessimism about Ms. Ku’s personal information in connection with she’s death at her home on 24 March.

Lee Yong-pyo, director of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Department, said at a press conference held on 25 July at the Inner Auto Building in Jongno-gu, Seoul, that a handwritten note of “pessimism about she personal life” was found on a living room table.

“Yesterday, at about 6pm, a housekeeper (Ms. Ku-hara) was found dead. Taken into terms with the on-site suspicion and bereaved statements, it appears that there are no criminal charges to date.”

The seoul office said, “Based on the opinions of the bereaved families and the results of the on-site inspection, we will consult with the prosecutor and have not been determined to date.”

As for the estimated time of death, the analysis of closed circuit (CC) TV footage confirmed that he returned home at about 0:35 on the 24th, and he is believed to have died thereafter.

Mr. Yi said, “The housekeeper has a long-standing relationship with Mr. Ku, and he contacted Mr. Ku, but he did not contact him, so he visited and confirmed.It has been confirmed that no one has visited Ms. Ku’s home other than the housekeeper until he was found dead after his return home.

“Sully, my sister will live hard to your share.”

The promise was not kept. Ku-hara passed away on The 24th. 28 years old. It is only 41 days since her best friend Sully died.

She had vowed to live hard after Sully sad news. She frequently communicated with fans through social networking services (SNS) to obtain them as promised. Recently, She was active in performing albums and concerts in Japan. This effort ended her life in the end.

Fans who leave Ku-hara are more angry than sad. She knows her 11 years of entertainment better than anyone else. The fact that the deceased has been plagued by provocative reports and malicious comments has been revisited and added to the sadness. Many celebrities have started taking firm stances against their online haters’ mean comments. First and most importantly, we have to define our problems.


Sam Kim

Asia Journal

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