How can we protect ourselves from fine dust?



The lack of a natural air purifier has left the atmosphere filled with carbon dioxide. Amid the growing radioactive fears, other products such as face masks and air cleaners are also widely sought after by customers, reports say. A dirty air intake micro-filter may affect oxygen concentrations, and/or cause carbon dioxide buildup. Next, the air is routed through a particle filter and two paired active carbon filters. Air passing through the filter enters the air attenuator where the throttle noise of the engine is baffled for quiet operation.



This doesn’t necessarily mean the underlying fine dust problem is gone. Fine dust is very tiny so it is hard to remove the dust from your body. It ultra-fine dust particles coming into play, dust haze has now become alarmingly toxic. Others say that even if fine dust is reduced, carbon dioxide (CO2) is still warming the planet. This, in turn, blocked the radiant energy from the sun and brought the temperatures down, they added. Fine dust particles in sufficient concentration can obscure visibility, irritate soft tissues in the eyes, nose, mouth and throat, causing or worsening respiratory and cardiovascular problems. COMEAP estimated that in 1996(1) airborne particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide (the two main road traffic pollutants) resulted in 19,200 hospital admissions. This NeoSTG provides everything necessary to maintain complete comfort in a closed residential environment, including heating, cooling, humidity control, and air filtration and circulation. Believe혻it or not, the NeoSTG filter system is designed to purify the air. Besides its unique exterior, special filter will play a role of a filter to purify the air. It is a patented technology that can absorb fine dust and convert it into good air. The actual user’s reaction is that they can clearly feel the difference between the existing air purifiers. The research team studied fine dust in the air for many years because they knew that simple filter systems could not solve it. So, they developed a technology that combines minerals into filters to absorb and filter harmful particles. Recognized as a joint study with the Korea University of Science and Technology, it is a good product selected by the government as a procurement product.

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