The Next Generation Medical devices in dermatology

Step1In recent years, topically applied semi-solid formulations certified as medicals devices and not as topical drugs are increasingly used for the treatment of skin diseases. Medical devices primarily unfold their therapeutic effect by physical means, not by pharmacological, immunological or metabolic means. Intensified placing of medical devices on the dermatological market may at least partly be explained by a less complex marketing authorization process compared to topical drugs. If the requirements are fulfilled to certify a product as a medical device the opportunity will be offered to quickly introduce innovations onto the market and propagate them. A variety of evidence-based medical devices for several dermatological indications are presented here.

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I would like to introduce you to a well-known company (Emma healthcare Co, Ltd,혻 CEO: Daniel Sohn) based on the above facts. In one system, an unparalleled solution-providing technology through plasma and laser. Plasma technology facilitates the delivery of solutions through effectiveness. Then, with just the potential effect of the skin, it exerts physical pressure on the particles, which helps to absorb them into the deep skin layer. This company has proven all of its products that were developed in a number of review processes and empirical evidence. Developed products participate it make an effort to medical devices in Exhibition 2019 German Medical Devices, 2020 CES for Market Research and Feedback. The medical market is full of devices, but we must prioritize superior products that are well-skilled and validated. Daniel Sohn is a medical engineering expert who puts comparative advantage at the core based on the differentiation required by the market. Details of the developed product will be introduced next time, but the company’s valuation will be great. This foundation was able to prove many things through users and experienced people. This can be seen through collaboration with Seoul National University Hospital, which is proud to be the best hospital in Korea. Not only does it have professional skills, but it also has a public opinion that applies to general consumers and patients.



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