Establishment of global network through cooperation with the Overseas Korean Journalists Association


The Los Angeles Times Asia Journal will work with the Overseas Korean Journalists Association (OKJA), which operates around the world, to further expand its global reach.

OKJA is established with the aim of contributing to the development and mutual cooperation of the world’s Korean media and the promotion of rights and qualifications of overseas Korean journalists. It also contributes to the development of the Korean expatriate community and relations between resident countries and the Republic of Korea. The association plays a role as a bridge between the world and the Republic of Korea, spreading Korea in economic, cultural and civilian diplomacy.

The LA Times Asia Journal signed a business contract with Yeo Ik-hwan, secretary general of OKJA, on March 12, showing that it will not only promote Korea’s technology-savvy small and medium-sized enterprises globally through cooperation with OKJA which has members globally, but also help small and medium-sized enterprises start exporting their products through a direct network of buyers.

The LA Times Asia Journal has entrenched itself as one of the sections in the major U.S. media, the LA Times, since it was founded in 2010 in Los Angeles under the name KORUS Business Journal. After changing its media name to K Herald in 2013, it published a newspaper under the name “LA Times Asia Journal” to promote Korean culture, Korean food, and K-pop, as well as Korean small and medium-sized companies’ products overseas.

Meanwhile, LA Times Asia Journal has been working hard to find overseas buyers, establish networks and sign contracts for export-leading agencies. The company produced tangible results as the lead export company for Korean small and medium-sized enterprises through the establishment of diverse buyer networks in Japan, the U.S., and Australia, such as Elematec, Watson&Band, Emerald Club, and 7Gaa. Currently, the company has an business collaboration with the Medicaraise Corporation, which stores products on Japan’s leading home shopping channel and vendor of Rakuten, to help export Korean cosmetics and beauty devices.

The Los Angeles Times Asia Journal is now looking forward to vitalizing business areas between overseas and Korea from the synergy created by this collaboration with OKJA.


Myung Ae Lee

Asia Journal

(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)