Increasing the immunity level is like strengthening yourself in life.

retouching_IMG_1123Life is metaphorical and constantly repeating itself. You would say “I’m never going to love someone like you” or “I’ll not make the same mistakes again.” However, we always go through a hard time after every breakup but ends up loving someone again.

The whole world is stressed about the virus now, as if it is the end of the world. Is this the first time there has been a variant virus? How many times have we been shouting “the important thing is the immune system”? From the last MERSC (Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus), we concluded that the immunity level is the most important. Since then, are we still following all the steps for personal hygiene and etiquettes? As people are busy getting out of the situation, nothing is learned, so when faced with a similar situation, not even the basics are being kept.

What we need to take from this pandemic of the corona virus is that we really should have a habit of increasing the level of immunity. What is important now is a regular daily practice in individual’s life. However, it might be not enough. Water and air need to be checked first in everyday life. To keep yourself fit, knowing what you eat and your body is important.

In the current situation, are we providing meaningful response to signals from the environment? If we had been keeping the basics right, simple personal care such as wearing masks and keeping the distance would be enough as a care and prevention. In this aspect, a special care for the virus is rather easy.

Maybe we got too stressed out about all the stimulus in life as if we reached the worst bottom. So this new version of the virus is giving us stress but leaves no lesson from it. The best immune system is where it absorbs the stimulus and strengthens yourself. Getting a flu shot is now an absolute solution to avoid the flu. Likewise, a good immune system is prior experience of winning against stressful situation.

Same goes for skin care. Everyone wishes “this is my last professional care.” Having a professional care to get rid of the freckles results in a dramatic result for some time but it is not permanent. Later when you find another freckles in your face, you would find yourself opening up your wallet for many items in order to be close to the ideal looking you’ve seen in advertisements.

It seems like this cycle happens over and over again. Anyone can face an unexpected problem and people assure themselves that when they are in that situation, they would make a different decision, but in reality, it is not.

Taking a lot of food and supplement to increase the level of immune system does not immediately make the body stronger and fight against the viruses. Likewise, sudden start of anti-aging care for your skin will not immediately de-age the skin. For your skin, finding the right product is also important. Different cleansing and basic cosmetics should be always with you to be prepared for changing environment. All these situations have to be kept to enhance and upgrade ourselves. Healthy skin and a proper homecare mean a short recovery time from stimulus, not becoming Snow white in a short period of time.

Please be patient.

Please focus on the basics.

Then there will be the right time for you.