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The whole world is changing at a fast pace. We live in an era where standards for new technologies change everyday. Thousands of smart technology and contents are being produced by multiple companies. That’s why intellectual property rights are becoming important assets of companies and countries. It is no exaggeration to say that this is not an age of technological warfare, but an age of legal warfare over intellectual property rights, like Apple and Samsung Electronics patent suits.

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The Watson & Band Law Offices in China, headquartered in Shanghai, has domestic and international branch office in various cities around the world, including Beijing, Hong Kong, Harbin, Lanzhou, Yantai, Guangzhou, Chicago and Tokyo. The company has evolved since 1995 by providing an integrated legal and intellectual property services to Chinese, U.S. and Japanese companies.

The company covers a wide range of business areas including intellectual property, corporate and commercial law, capital market, finance and asset management, bankruptcy and reorganization, cultural entertainment sports, architectural real estate and infrastructure, labor personnel, household and property management, trade customs and taxation, litigation and dispute settlement, investigation and so on.

Watson & Band strictly manages the service process and quality ()according to ISO9001 national product quality management system, not only in traditional business areas such as intellectual property rights proxy, litigation, and dispute settlement, but also in emerging legal affairs such as the Internet.

The most notable part of its activities is its close cooperation with foreign companies. It has been helped them engage in business in China, by giving lectures to Japanese company members on Chinese trademark law, trademark registration, intellectual property rights, and other legal lectures on anti-corruption laws in a collaboration with Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Shanghai office since its inception.

In addition, Watson & Band was commissioned by Giorgio Armani, an Italian Apparel brand in China, to sue for trademark disputes in 2017. The company managed to legally protect the intellectual property rights of its overseas client by winning the final ruling and making its client receive compensation for damages from the defense by the Chinese law enforcement agency after three years of effort.

Recently, Watson & Band is showing a keen interest in consulting on investment of Chinese companies toward Korean companies.

It is worth noting that Watson & Band, which is trying to serve as a spear and shield for client companies in legal battles such as patent suits or trademark suits, will contribute to revitalizing the Asian and global economies, by providing legal assistance to help estimating values and investing among global enterprises.


Mike Choi

Asia Journal

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