More than putting on makeup, it’s important to erase it.


Cleansing oil is really good for cleaning out. It can remove effectively heavy makeup and oil in your face, and even sebum in your inner pores. Have you ever checked the backside of your cleansing oil you use? The ones listed after preservatives make up less than one percent of the products. People with sensitive skin, you have to look at the components of the cosmetics. In the ingredient list of many cleansing oil products, you can see ‘mineral oil’. What comes into your head, when you see the name, ‘mineral oil’? The marine component which is rich in deep sea water? However, the ‘mineral oil’, we are talking, is just an oil extracted from petroleum.

When petroleum is refined, this mineral oil comes out in the last step. It is mainly used to make engine oil or brake oil. It can be mass produced, and is distributed at very low prices as a main ingredient in cleansing oil products. When this oil, which is named “mineral” oil, meets a chemical synthetic surfactant, it plays a role in enhancing cleansing power. In addition, mineral oil creates a thin layer of oil on the skin’s surface, preventing the skin from breathing, and further clinging to sebum and impurities to block pores, causing skin problems such as acne and pimples. In addition, synthetic surfactants give the skin a slippery feeling, which makes some users feel uncomfortable with, so they rub their face with more force on their fingers. Eventually, it also causes skin irritation and puts burden on the skin.

74229536_536543823830442_3032621831556169728_oEven if components in cosmetics have same function, they comes in a broad range of prices depending on the quality. Mineral oil is easy to get and cheap. Some companies produce oil cleansers by adding mineral oil or plant extracts at lower costs. However, South Korean cosmetic company, Skin Watchers boldly ruled out mineral oil and synthetic ingredients, such as excphenoxinanol and parabens from their product, ‘Natural Deep Cleansing Oil’. It is made from only the most high-quality ingredients. It has a strong cleansing power without harmful ingredients so you don’t need a lip and eye remover. And it also doesn’t make your eyes sting or cry when used. ‘Natural Deep Cleansing Oil’ is approved its excellence by global fans and listed on the world’s 27 best cleansing oils list by French Elle.

JongHan Yoon, the Ceo of Skin Watchers, takes risk of the rising product cost, by choosing high-quality ingredients in order to improve the quality of his products. “We fight lies”, Mr. Yoon said, and he promises not to deceive his customers, he called them ‘fans’, with harmful ingredients. He made efforts to make cosmetics with soft and mild texture using good ingredients. His belief is that cosmetics should be always pure enough to recover user’s skin and to be absorbed fast. That is why he puts the most pure one of ingredients in his products.

Being honest is the beginning of Skin Watchers and the principles that it will hold bear. Skin Watchers never stops finding better ingredients and makes the product carefully sampled until it gets the best formula by selecting ingredients which do not cause irritation or troubles. Wash your face now with safe cleansing oil, ‘Natural Deep Cleansing Oil.’ And feel the difference in quality by yourself!



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