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Mr. Sohn doing his experiment in his laboratory

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Picture of CEO Daniel Sohn (left) and Global Business Director Grace Kim (right)

His skin was cleft with deep lines. Your skin starts to sag as you get older. Cracked and blistered skin, my skin burns easily. They have more worries than we thought. People suffer from stress, we have enough stress in this case and it is the same for many people in other cases. So many people have become interested in the field. I would like to introduce a new beauty device using plasma and galvanic. Plasma is already effective in inflammation and galvanic is a counter-identification that carries good ingredients to the dermis. In addition, it has more than enough effect than expected with a combination of beauty devices through vibration and blue light. The winning name is PLALUCY. The skin is now important as a value standard for assessing a person, so many people are paying for it and spending time on it. But I don’t think it has a very satisfying effect compared to the cost and time invested. However, products are important, but if you look at the experience of developers, Mr. Sohn majored in medical engineering and has many years of experience in producing professional medical devices. Not only did the company participate in many medical device exhibitions to prove its excellence in winning, it also applied professional medical containers to the dermatology and dentistry of the Seoul National University Hospital to secure proven data. The researchers at Emma Company have been developing products with great enthusiasm, now they are looking for partners who need to grow the company, and some companies in Japan already have deep interest and review as partners. The product is already known to many users in Korea, and the satisfaction of the user is even greater, so they are giving feedback on the efficacy with some results after direct use. Some of the influencers use these products and voluntarily market their products to many consumers, so I’m sure they’re innovative products that will help you experience and stop worrying about your skin.



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