[Column] Do you really want to be beautiful?

KakaoTalk_20200414_104348465There are so many different ways to become beautiful at once these days. 


“I want to be prettier when I wake up.”

“I wish all these troubles are gone when I wake up tomorrow morning.”

“I wish I become skinny in the morning when I wake up.”

You must have had these thoughts in your life.

Sometimes we wish all of our troubles disappear in a night.

However, beauty and health care issues never take care of themselves in a day like a magic.

That’s why we want to believe it when someone say that they something changed them at once.

That explains the so many exaggerative advertisements in the beauty and health category.


Who do you think is responsible for the exaggerative advertisements?

Is it really the manufactures?


“All results are left to the final decision maker.”

This means we pay a price and takes responsible for the result.


We do not remember what we wanted in the first place.

As there are so many wannabes in the world, we want to become A at one point and something else another time.

Although people who sees and communicates this consumer sentiment will laugh, but the results can be very different to each individual.


Even after a surgery to improve something of our body, the genetic temperament and condition makes our body to go back to how it was before. Because of this homeostatic of our body, we have to keep trying so hard to keep the change.


What I see in the mirror now is the result of how I have been living.

We have to truly face this to actually fulfill your true ambition.

When I meet and talk to people, it is a pity that people don’t realize this and tries to fit their body into the guide of other people.


The reason for gaining weight is due to your diet. Likewise, the unsatisfactory appearance in the mirror now is mostly because of the bad habits rather than the genetic issues!!


Our everyday is shown from head to toe and it is important not to avoid it and accept it and find what I really want to be rather than what other people say.


Why do we rely on other people’s story when the money actually comes out of my pocket?


Healthier diet than yesterday.

Slower aging than yesterday.

The best beauty step that we can take is not an unreasonable change, but a safe development.



Beauty and Health Coordinator