Finding a trustworthy skincare brand is important

People with sensitive skin tend to have a thinner skin barrier, causing the ingredients in skin care products to sting or burn. Most of them try different products ceaselessly until they find one that doesn셳 irritate their skin. When they use products which irritate their skin, whether it셲 a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, sunblock or foundation, sensitive skin reacts more than healthy skin – not in a good way. It may be accompanied by redness, rough skin, bumps or blisters.


What should we look for in skincare and makeup products that will make them less irritating to sensitive skin? We are apt to think that 쁍atural products could be the best option for better skin. Perhaps it might be the biggest misconception we have in cosmetics. In effect, specific guidelines are lacking. Unlike food, which have specific marketing terms regulated by the FDA, cosmetic products aren셳 regulated whatsoever. 쁍atural does not mean a lot when it comes to cosmetics. There can be no products with 100% natural components. Even 쁍atural products can contain just as many harmful ingredients as conventional products. The only way to know for sure if there are harmful ingredients in your products is to read the ingredient list on them. But even then, you have to verify components as if breaking a code and end up getting lost in the unfamiliar chemical names. Sometimes you can find that not every ingredient has to be listed. It is a good idea to have full understanding of ingredients you have to avoid while choosing suitable products. Unfortunately that셲 easier said than done.

In that sense, choosing safer products involves finding a trustworthy company that is knowing what ingredients shouldn셳 be included in skincare and makeup products, committed to safety testing and transparent with their ingredients so that customers can make informed decisions. There is a South Korean company, Skin Watchers (CEO JongHan Yoon), that is paving the way for responsibility, safety and transparency in skin care products for sensitive skin.



Let me introduce you Tea Tree Spot Treatment, one of the company셲 products. It is an essence to relieve pimples which is about to come to a head. It consists of its 78 percentage with tea tree leaf water instead of purified water. Tea tree leaf water relieves skin trouble and keeps skin bright and clean. Almost 98% of the tea tree spot products on the market use chemical salicylic acid, while he uses natural salicylic acid, called Wintergreen leaf extract, to reduce irritation and make it mild. Salicylic acid is the ingredient that makes skin clean by making dead skin cells soft and removing them and dissolving the sebum in the pores. Wintergreen leaf extract is 80 times more expensive than chemical salicylic acid, but because of its excellent calming effect, Mr. Yoon chose natural salicylic acid without hesitation.


Mr. Yoon says the most important thing is to make products that are gentle and make your skin healthier. This is to make sure that it works best for the skin of the person who uses the mildest cosmetics. He expresses that formulation is the key. So he chooses the mildest of all the ingredients. His products are complemented by numerous people with sensitive skin. No harmful ingredients such as paraben and benzophenone are found in his cosmetics ingredient list. More than 90 percent of companies still advertise that they do not use these materials. Skin Watchers have never used these harmful ingredients even since it first was launched decades ago, when no one was aware of its importance. However, they did not advertise it because it is just the right thing to do.


If you have sensitive skin, you should not put your skin over harsh ingredients. Keep sticking with gentle products formulated for sensitive skin. Safe products are not a luxury. They are a right. Become a fan of Skin Watchers, which is honest with its customers! Mr. Yoon wants to persuade their customers, he called them 쁣ans, with faith and trust. He says fans are people who appreciate the value of his skincare products. He makes products so as not to disappoint his fans. Feel the mild texture of its products and make your skin healthier!

Kayla Hong

Asia Journal

(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)


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