Skin Watchers make inroads into Japanese cosmetic market

When choosing skincare products, customers nowadays have high expectations with great product experiences. Some clever customers are so fastidious that they carefully look through each ingredient list on products. If you google the name of components, you can get any information about it. It would be easier to choose if there is a lot of information, but why is it harder to choose cosmetics? That셲 because non-scientific interpretations and reviews of the ingredient list circulating over social network service (SNS) confuse consumers. Even experts find it difficult to distinguish harmful ingredients from harmless ones by just looking at the list. The reason why cosmetics shopping has become such a troublesome labor is that we cling to these meaningless things. Tired of interpreting puzzling components, consumers now began to look for a reliable cosmetic brand which is responsible for its own products.


According to a survey over 15,000 US shoppers conducted by BrandSpark International, 71% of US shoppers try new products from brands they trust the most. 쁁rand can be deemed the essence of trust. Because choosing a brand is the result of giving trust that can meet my expectations as a criterion for choosing a particular product among many similar things. Now that e-commerce has made it easier to access various products; the power of trust about brands becomes even greater.


Skin Watchers (CEO JongHan Yoon), a South Korean cosmetic brand which produces skincare products, gained trusts from customers, persuading them with the mildest formulation. While the trust was first established after first use when feeling the gentle texture, it was increased by transparency and fair pricing of the company. The brand boosted its trust with further innovation by maintaining great quality and strong value. Solid trust generated more repeat satisfaction and high repurchase possibility.


Mild formulation and endorsement of consumers brought the company new foreign market. With word-of-mouth reviews from global customers, the company is on the verge of taking its first step into the Japanese market, in cooperation with Medicaraise, one of the largest beauty and health distributors in Japan. It is expected that Skin Watchers would take Japanese customers by storm and entrench itself in Japanese cosmetic market as well.

Kayla Hong

Asia Journal

(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)

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