Why do you make your skin troubles worse?


When consulting with my consumers about their skin concerns, I could find out an unconvincing habit some of them have. When people think, “My body and my skin are attacked!”, they get defensive. Sometimes, however, we make a wrong decision that exacerbate the trouble you met. This behavior is quite similar to, in a relay race, taking over the baton and running in a opposite direction.

Why do people take actions that make things worse? The reason is that you can only see reactions on the surface of your skin to the external stimuli.

When UV rays become stronger, your skin secretes sebum to protect itself. People who make wrong judgments start to running in a opposite direction: reducing sebum secretion. They got so irritated by their oily skin with full of sebum that try to reduce sebum secretion in a wrong way, forgetting that the oil can reduce it. They wipe it off with a product, such as, a so- called sebum-control product or a water-soluble product. To be worse, they replace their daily skincare products with ones with a lot of light water-soluble ingredients. No one tells us how to respond to sebum secretion properly and cosmetics companies hide the fact and use it only as a part of marketing strategy to sell their products. Hence, we can’t help but fail to find a solution.

Sebum comes out to protect your irritated skin. If you get a lot of sebum, just enter a command to your skin that 쏽ou don’t have to come out because I’m already protecting you with good ingredients. However, no one would have known the fact that your mistake caused extra sebum by covering the surface with useless ingredients and making skin more stressed. When advertising their products, cosmetic companies are not honest with their customers by opening how to remove sebum properly, so consumers can’t help but take misinformed action.

Think simple. If you want to understand your skin, remember that 쐔o face your problem head-on: only oil can remove sebum. If you keep in mind that, we would not repeat the mistake any longer.

You have to understand the process 봺why this skin trouble is happening봺 rather than being obsessed with the result you can see on your skin. Then, you can mitigate your misbehaviours and your skin can be impervious to outer stimuli.



Beauty and Health Coordinator