AdROBO attempts to expand investment market between Japan and Korea

Investors would all like to pick great investments on instinct.

The process of investment involves careful study and analysis of the business to invest, as it is essential to research how best to implement investment strategy. Limited information about the targeting firm would generate ambiguity and uncertainty to invest, making investors hesitate.


AdROBO, a Japanese company providing consulting services on intellectual property rights for global companies in Japan, found that it needs more sources of information for investment in order to expand the investment market between Japanese companies and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Korea. AdROBO endeavors to role as an Agent so that can encourage Japanese companies to invest in the innovative technologies and products of SMEs in Korea.

On that account, the company seeks to have a formal business collaboration with LA Times Asia Journal. By utilizing its business network with Japanese outstanding companies and years of experience on consulting, it would attract investment from Japan to SMEs in Korea on which LA Times Asia Journal can provide information.

This collaboration comes after difficulties the company faced due to lack of information about SMEs in Korea, despite the fact that many of them are soliciting foreign investments. Also, this reflects the fact that there are unexpectedly many Japanese and foreign companies in Japan that are willing to invest in excellent Korean SMEs.

Despite the shrinking global economy caused by COVID-19, it is expected that it would  boost investment market between Japan and Korea, starting with the business cooperation between AdROBO and LA Times Asia Journal.


Mike Choi

Asia Journal

(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)