Elematec’s new departure in expanding its business

Any company in the world is trying to discover new businesses and try new ones. However, in order to find new businesses, it is important to get good information. In addition, in order to get better information, you need a better network, of course.

elematec_CIAs one of leading trading companies in Japan, Elematec under the TOYOTA group is drawing attention because it is trying to differentiate itself from any other one. Elmatec is attempting to expand its business network in collaboration with the information network of the Los Angeles Times Asia Journal. Elematec will formally sign an business cooperation agreements with the Los Angeles Times Asia Journal to sell technology and products from Korea’s top small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to their clients scattered around the world.

After World War II, several trading companies came up in Japan, dealing with the business of various categories in Japan. They have numerous clients and vendors around the world, and it is common to sell new technologies and products to each of their clients on their business networks. Elematec, like any other trading company, has more than 70 years of experience since its foundation in 1947, has about 7,100 buyers (4600 in Japan and 2,500 overseas) and 6,600 sales outlets (3800 in Japan and 2,800 overseas) centered on 64 global hubs. The company extraordinarily has its own factories in China and has a unique structure so that can directly control the quality of its merchandise. By extension, Elematec does not sit on its laurels, felt the need for a new network of information and now set out a business collaboration with the Los Angeles Times Asia Journal.

IMG_5103Elematec is expressing its trust not only in the small businesses introduced by LA Times Asia Journal but also in technology and products they have. Elematec is contented with the rapid communication and response of the LA Times Asia Journal, which enables brisk business.

By entering into partnerships between Elematec and LA Times Asia Journal, it is assumed that it will serve as a turning point for SMEs in Korea as well as for revitalizing global business.

Mike Choi

Asia Journal

(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)