The secret hidden in the constituent: Do not miss the 1%

KakaoTalk_20200414_104348465These days, more and more consumers search for each ingredient of foods and cosmetics.

By the way, have the results always been clear when you surfing the sea of information? The more you know the information, the harder to understand it. You already know about this, and even it could make distrust about the information.

Everyone knows that there are so many good ingredients in the world. But it doesn셳 mean that expensive components always allowed the best effects. There are some elements hide behind the veil and control everything. This is the point that I would like to talk about today.

Think about a college degree. It doesn셳 ensure you get the right position but guarantees your diligence during the course. An expensive organic ingredient could just live up to its name. It셲 healthy, obviously, but it doesn셳 ensure its efficacy. So there are some chemical-containing products to prevent the complaint about the inefficacious of organic constituents. If only 1% of the component takes charge of whole effectiveness, could you trust the other 99% pricey organic ingredients?

To choose the better product, you have to consider the 1% composition too. Why don셳 you trust this 1% effectiveness, not the show-off organic storytelling one? High-quality ingredients are worthy, of course, but they do make the price bubbles, too.

If you would like to pay for the quality of effect, not for the nominal ingredients, please don셳 forget to check the 1% constituent.



Beauty and Health Coordinator