Air purifier that completely removes virus by strong radical reaction

There are countless air purifiers around the world. Here are four types of filters in air purifiers with different functions. The first one is a mesh-type to filter out large size dusts such as yellow dust, pollen, general dust, the second is a filter using an activated carbon to remove odors, and the third is a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter to purify invisible fine dust.

The last type to be explained, which is notable, uses Plasma generators, UV lamps, anion generators or photocatalytic reactions to eliminate volatile organic compounds(VOCs) and virus derived from paints in a new building. The filter sometimes makes social concerns because ozone is generated from the machine during operation. Despite concerns, when using photocatalytic reaction, it has harmless effect on the human body and can safely remove VOCs or virus.


천장형Joung Gwang-Chae, CEO of ‘Forwardmedi System Co.,Ltd.’ in Korea, has launched an air purifier (Brand: Virus0) that uses contrarian method: it blows wind from inside to outside. The product blows 30 thousands radicals, which is generated by photocatalytic reaction in its metal film, per second into the outside. The metal film is made of five metals such as TiO2, and Au and accelerates chemical reactions with photo catalysis. The radical atom is electrically neutral but has unstable structure, which generates powerful chemical reaction. When it contacts with VOCs or virus in the air, it takes away oxygen or hydrogen atoms from them and returns them into oxygen, carbon dioxide, or water molecules. This leads to elimination of odors from VOCs and disinfection.Meanwhile, the majority of air purifiers get rid of VOCs or virus by absorbing air into inside of it and putting them through its filter. Then, is it possible to fully absorb these harmful gases floating in a large space?


If you understand the operational principles of air purifiers well, you will be able to feel how much this Virus0 product is needed for living conditions such as home or office, commercial environments such as exhibition spaces, or moving environments such as buses and elevators.The ‘Virus0’ has been verified by an authorized testing agency in South Korea to sterilize not only salmonella but also Middle East respiratory syndrome(MERS) viruses by 99.99%. The MERS virus was completely removed from the world, but it was 10 times more infectious than COVID-19 which is still pandemic.


Mike Choi

Asia Journal

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