Three-dimensional input control using finger mouse

We can no longer find any television with a cathode-ray tube of the past. Nowadays, there are various TV such as PDP TV, LCD TV, LED TV, and so on. Now it’s the time beyond the hardware aspect of TV. We can watch various contents such as movies, games, music through the cutting edge named Smart TV.

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However, you could know that using the Smart TV isn’t much different from using a remote control to operate the screen and input letters, numbers, symbols, and so on. Sometimes, you can just input by connecting wirelessly to your smartphone, laptop computer, Tablet with your Smart TV. We can conclude that we input only two-dimensional using remote control or smartphone and control the TV. A control console which is three-dimensional does not exist yet. Indeed, it is a concept that is quite hard to understand.


However, Kim Jae-Hyun, CEO of R.O.C.K Co., Ltd., developed an input console as a ring type (Brand: ROCK-Ring) that can be inserted into a finger. This ROCK-Ring can be used instead of conventional remote controls, enabling to switch various screens of Smart TV and to type letters, numbers, and so on.


Just put it on your finger and press the button on the screen, moving your finger in the air, which is three-dimensional. Then you will be able to switch the screen and to go to any other screen. And then just by moving your finger in the air, you can swype and type letters through the keyboard on the screen.


With putting ROCK-Ring on your finger, you can easily use your Smart TV, lying on your couch. Furthermore, if you get out of your home with this finger mouse, you can portably pay your transportation fee. Also the blood flow measurement function on it would let you know your real-time stress degree estimations and how to handle the stress.


This technology on finger ring invented by R.O.C.K Co., Ltd is expected to make a new trend as a console which can control three-dimensionally.

Mike Choi

Asia Journal

(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)



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▲ R.O.C.K Co., Ltd.

▲ CEO : Kim Jae Hyun (David)

▲ Brand : ROCK-Ring


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▲ +82-70-4145-2822