Companies that commercialize the disease control system through artificial intelligence

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), their goal is to prepare for a possible outbreak without causing panic. The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) has assembled a team of epidemiologists and other experts to find the cause of the disease. The above two may be familiar to us, and may also be common in how governments cope. Disease and virus infection have already become a major headache for the whole world, and we know that sometimes our daily lives have become paralyzed and increasingly uncomfortable. In this situation, everyone is making research and efforts to establish a disease control system and find the best way. But Korea probably saw the fastest government-led response, management and control of the world. Korea, which claims to be an I.T. powerhouse, has been shown to have implemented IOT-applied systems as part of its response, none other than Infomining (CEO Lee Jae-yong), a research firm for developing health solutions systems. The company has already built databases using wearable watches and created the closest indicators using A.I., which seems to be an important part of health care. Since the Corona crisis, governments have faced serious concerns about how to control and deal with it, many of which are believed to be identifying and controlling the location of public gatherings, transmission and route of infection due to group infection. Currently, the U.S., Europe and Japan are already having difficulty controlling these confirmed cases and infection routes. It is thought, and fortunately, we are reassured that the vaccine is about to be approved through FDA, but many times we are experiencing SARS, the new flu, and this time COVID-19.


 The characteristic of these three viruses is that they cause infections through the respiratory system, which can damage our bodies and organs and cause severe death. Under the request of the Korea Health and Welfare Service, Infomining has established artificial intelligence-based solutions for its disease control systems at Incheon International Airport and at local airports in Korea, and is currently implementing them directly at each airport. It seems that this company is making a great contribution to the government, companies, and organizations through artificial intelligence and building solutions through Database. As a result, it is said that the system is now used in all national and public organizations. Rapid response and research and development stand out, and it seems that the ability of the firm’s solid researchers and managers can be felt by the commercialization and application of the system within a short period of time. Infomining has also been commissioned by SOFTBANK, Japan, to work on the Health Smart Watch project and is currently preparing to mass-produce it after completing circuit design (LTE models and Bluetooth models). Attention is focusing on how much potential this company will develop and whether its R&D capabilities will ease great achievements and worries in modern society.

Sam Kim

Asia Journal

(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)

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