Innovative Application of Image Monitoring System

Video monitoring systems, CCTVs, are used in many places around us.

It is only used to monitor human movement in homes, shopping malls, offices, warehouses, factories, airports, subway stations, construction sites, schools, roads and alleys.

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By the way, what would happen to our lives if we could use this HD-class camera to measure and inform people’s biometric signals (body temperature, pulse, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, sleepiness, etc.)?


These days, when it is difficult to grasp the movements of a COVID-19 infected person, we can check the temperature of many people right away and check their movements. If you are working in an office or a factory, you can check immediately for abnormalities, such as high blood pressure, to take emergency measures in advance, or you can identify employees who are dozing off in dangerous places at a factory or construction site to save them from danger. In addition, if the KIOSK or smart mirror is equipped with HD-class cameras, it is possible to inform the health status of employees and family members at work or at home in real time and to take care of their health.

And If the vehicle is equipped with an HD-class camera, it can be controlled to determine whether the driver is drowsy, drunk, or in his or her condition to drive safely.

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In addition, on behalf of expensive special optical analysis equipment such as Machine Vision at the manufacturing plant, HD-class cameras can detect defective products and can be used for various purposes such as material management, manufacturing production management, and worker management.


All these things I’ve talked about so far, they’re not what we hope for in the future. The technology is already in use. Park Ki-Bum, CEO of GB Soft Co.,Ltd. in Korea, has developed a solution that uses the current video monitoring system, CCTV using HD-class cameras or KIOSKs or smart mirrors, analyzes the filmed images with special algorithms on the server, and informs people’s biometric signals (body temperature, pulse, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, sleepiness, etc.) in just one to six seconds. Also, the manipulated video was not recognized, thus increasing reliability.


They have already delivered KIOSKs with this solution to Lotte Engineering & Construction’s construction site and applied this solution to smart mirrors to each high-rise apartment house built by Lotte Engineering & Construction. They are currently jointly developing a driver monitoring system with a global automaker to determine the driver’s condition, level of sleepiness, and drinking status in future connected cars.


This solution will improve the quality of our human lives by enabling the health care of the alienated information-vulnerable class (elderly, infant and child) and implementing a true industrial automation system (quality management, material management, manufacturing production management, worker management, etc.).


Mike Choi

Asia Journal

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