[Column] Your contentment depends on how you get

KakaoTalk_20200909_135806550How do people obtain information through social media platforms to make current decisions about future outcomes in their bodies? Once news and media were controlled by several newspapers and television channels, however, during the last several years, with technological advances fueled by the internet, the costs of both content creation and distribution have significantly decreased. While traditional news organizations remain still active, we see the virality of social networks and an abundance of new news sources which are independent and more agile.


The point is that: we need to cope with the massive influx of information, because anyone can call themselves an expert by posting their opinions. Information inundation sometimes becomes evil: the authenticity of the statement which is made by a speaker depends on the volume of people who agree with it rather than the contents or the context. A new trend easily comes up when strategy or financial investment, which is effective enough to gather people in a short time, is put into. At each time consumers face posts, they screen the posts and only select and consume one from the offered choices. The uncertainty about the accuracy of these posts increases and as the number of posts increases.


Is this information, which just only gathered snowballing supporters without being tested, worthwhile and reasonable enough to make your decision? Is it really the one you needed?


Meanwhile, a word, which is opposite to the leading market trend, also catches people셲 ears. Let셲 take an example. When a lactobacillus product to help lose weight is newly released in the market, which ingredients to stimulate the decomposition of fat are already ruling supreme, it strikes people셲 eyes. Given that such a unique market is emerging even in large markets, interesting and convincing words seem to be being accepted. There’s no denying, of course, that this is a new demand that consumers have in the market.


The reason why new trends continue to emerge is that unlike in the past, our daily lives are changing so fast봺the speed of a fast-changing environment, such as an outbreak of a new virus and change of dietary habits, is faster than that of our body which needs time and efforts to catch up the change. Unproven interpretations on the issue are flooding, which makes it difficult to respond properly and makes you get hurt and burned out.


When it comes to obtaining information, it is best to grasp details and filter out the most appropriate one based on the whole understanding. The change in your body depends on what approach you have usually chosen. The results vary depending on how well you get the current status of your body and Choose the right solution based on the current status of your body, and prevent yourself from being influenced by others’ opinions in social media too easily.



Beauty and Health Coordinator